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    What My Toddler Eats in a Day

    Everlee is now 20 months old, and is still eating pretty similarly to how she was eating in our last post. But I figured I would share anyway!

    Breakfast: We still eat breakfast around 8am. This will vary depending on when she wakes up for the day, but it is pretty standard that she is up between 7:30-8am. One thing about this girl is that she likes to eat very first thing. I swear as soon as I get her out of her crib she is saying “mmmm good!” because she knows what is coming. It is hilarious but also if I don’t have breakfast ready before she wakes up, it can cause for a meltdown! Today she ate a scrambled egg, raspberries and a kodiak pancake with peanut butter.

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    What my Toddler Eats in a Day

    Feeding a toddler can be a little frustrating at times. They become picky, they like one thing one day and hate it the next, you want to make sure they aren’t eating junk, are getting enough fruits & veggies & whole grains. Are they eating enough? Is that too many snacks for the day?

    I wanted to share with you guys a little glimpse of what my 18 month old, Everlee, would typically eat in a day. Every single day is different, so I might make this a monthly post to give you guys different meals to make your toddlers. I’m pretty simple – I won’t sit here and say I make her extravagant meals every day, because truthfully she feeds our dog at half of her lunch and dinner most of the time. So here is what her day of eating looked like on this particular day:

    8am: Everlee wakes up between 7:30/8am every morning and I try to have breakfast cooked for her before she wakes up. She is always really hungry first thing and wants to eat right away. Eggs are one of her favorite foods, so she eats eggs almost every morning. Especially because it’s one of the only foods she will eat that has a good amount of protein in it. So this morning she had scrambled eggs, a couple mini Kodiak Cakes Pancakes with butter and half a banana. I like to keep a stash of pancakes in the freezer to easily heat up in the morning. She loves these pancakes and they are packed with protein! Banana because the girl loves bananas. Everlee also gets a cup of whole milk with every meal.

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