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    Oaklee Shae | 6 Months Old

    Our sweet baby turned SIX months old on the 13th! Wow, time really goes fast the second time around. This sweet girl is learning so much and is really trying hard to keep up with her big sister! This month, Oaklee went to her first Shinedown concert, the Alaska State fair, moved out of her bassinet into her crib, started BLW, and has been waking up lots in the night lately. Whew, momma is tired!

    How was this six months ago? 😭

    Now look at this big girl!
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    Everlee Diamond | 2 years old

    I blinked and two years has gone by. Truthfully, I still stare at Everlee and can’t believe my tiny little babe with no hair has turned into this TODDLER with toddler hair and toddler attitude and toddler vocabulary. It blows my mind. Time really does go too fast.

    Everlee turned two July 3rd and this last year has been huge. So many things have changed, so much growth has happened and miss Everlee Diamond is growing so fast.

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    Oaklee Shae | 2 Months

    I can’t believe baby Oaklee has been apart of our lives for two months (as of the 13th). Wow, time flies three times as fast with two kids now. I can’t believe how much she has changed in just a month!

    Oaklee Shae turned two months yesterday, but had her two month check up a week ago. She weighed 13lbs 8oz (95%), 22.8in (77%) and head circumference was 39.7cm (93%). So by how a week later, she’s about 14lbs and probably 23in! I make big, healthy, chunky babies and I love it! This butterball is just about busting out of 3 month clothes and is onto size 2 diapers.

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    Oaklee Shae | 1 month old

    Not even sure how we are even at this point. ONE MONTH?! Oaklee is doing amazing. She grew out of newborn clothes and newborn diapers by 2 weeks old. I couldn’t believe it! It’s funny how I always imagined myself having tiny little babies and I was blessed with two big girls. Haha!

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    Everlee Diamond | 18 Months Old

    Holy moly, I have absolutely NO clue how my baby girl is already 18 months old. I swear she just turned a year old like a week ago.

    Everlee’s 18 month appointment hasn’t happened yet, so once it does I will update her stats here, but until then I can talk about this wild and crazy girl. Truthfully, I am dreading her appointment because she hates going to the doctors. She was so scared and screamed the entire time at both her 12 month + 15 month appointments. Please send us positive vibes that she does well this time around and if you have any tips, please send them my way!

    Our big girl is wearing size 2T clothes and still fits in a few 24 month items as well. Size 5 shoes. She has 12+ teeth. I can’t tell for sure because she won’t let me look in her mouth other than to brush her teeth and she loves to just suck on her tooth brush, so… we will go with that. We are still cloth diapering but because we were visiting family over Shae’s Christmas leave, we discovered she is now in size 5 diapers.

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