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    2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Babies + Toddlers

    This is only Everlee’s second Valentine’s Day, but I remember how difficult it was to find gifts for her at only seven month old and even now so at 19 months old! Lots of people say that they are too young and won’t rememeber, and while that is true, I am a holiday freak and I plan to get my kiddos a little something. Most of the gifts I put on this gift guide have several other color options, but for the sake of the collage, I picked pink and/or red items.

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    Christmas 2018

    Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve was spent at my mom and step dads house. We spent Christmas with Shae’s moms side last year so we switched this year. We spent the morning having a big breakfast and finishing up last minute Christmas planning + details. Once the evening rolled around, we all went outside and hung out there for awhile. Everlee loves being outside, so this was especially fun for her. She was jumping in puddles, riding on the lawn mower and throwing sticks in the pond.

    I put on a homemade buffalo chicken dip on the crockpot in the afternoon (I will post the recipe soon) and we ate all sorts of appetizers for dinner. We had mozzarella sticks, hot wings, chips and dip, potstickers and crab. It was all delicious and we were all stuffed!

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    Easy Dollar Store DIY Christmas Gift

    If you have a teacher, friend or just need some last minute Christmas game prize ideas for gifts that can easily be made, look no further! We had a Christmas Party last weekend and we played a lot of Bingo so we needed some cheap prizes that would actually get used. I swung by the dollar tree and picked up stuff to make a DIY Santa sleigh made out of candy. 


    Glue gun + glue sticks (you can get these for $2.99 at Joanne’s)


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    Thanksgiving 2018

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and I hope you did, too! Wednesday afternoon, when Shae got off work, we packed up our truck and made the trip to Rainier, Oregon. We spent that evening with my family and baked pies, visited and had a great time. 

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