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    2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Babies + Toddlers

    This is only Everlee’s second Valentine’s Day, but I remember how difficult it was to find gifts for her at only seven month old and even now so at 19 months old! Lots of people say that they are too young and won’t rememeber, and while that is true, I am a holiday freak and I plan to get my kiddos a little something. Most of the gifts I put on this gift guide have several other color options, but for the sake of the collage, I picked pink and/or red items.

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    2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her!

    Considering Valentine’s Day is next week, I wanted to throw together a little gift guide for girls of all ages! Honestly, any of the gifts I put in there could be used for teen girls, all the way up to more mature women. If you’re in a slump and have no idea what to get your wife, girlfriend, daughter, friend or coworker, any of these gifts would be great!

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    Stocking Stuffers for the Entire Family!

    I have to say, opening up my stocking for Christmas every year is one of my favorite things! It is always full of your favorite candy and a whole bunch of goodies! If I am spending Christmas with my family, now that we are grown adults, we draw names for who is going to put together whose stocking. That way, everyone usually ends up with a pretty good stocking! I wanted to put together a huge list of stocking stuffers for the entire family this year and I hope it helps you out for some ideas for the people in your family. What are some of your favorite items you get in your stocking every year? Continue reading

    Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    With Black Friday approaching next week, I wanted to make sure to put out the ultimate Christmas gift guide. Every year, I am scouring online trying to find gifts for family and friends, so instead, I decided to throw together the ultimate gift guide! I truly hope this gift guide helps and gives you a little inspiration on what to get your loved ones this holiday season. Be on the lookout for stocking stuffer ideas and a gift exchange guide to come in the near future. Happy shopping! Continue reading