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    Sweet Treats to Make this Valentine’s Day

    I am a huge sucker for going all out for the holidays! Especially now that I am a mom, I want to make every holiday as special as I can. I know not everyone is for Valentine’s Day, but… I am! So I rounded up 15 sweet treats to make this February ranging from kids treats, to snacks, to alcoholic beverages and even a treat for the dogs in your life!

    Raspberry White Hot Chocolate – This looks SO good. I am dying to try this yummy pink drink. Also, how cute and perfect is it for Valentine’s Day? This would be a perfect treat in the morning or something to enjoy before bed!

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    Five on Friday!

    Happy Friday, everyone! I wanted to join in on doing a Five on Friday post every week. This means every Friday you post five things; whether it be your favorites, a recipe, events that happened during the week, etc. So join me on Friday’s and let’s get started!

    ONE: Shae has been gone the last few weeks for training and on Monday he finally came home! These last couple of months have been really hard because he has been gone so much. Thankfully, Everlee and I get to go visit family while he is gone, so that makes it a little less hard. So to celebrate him coming home, we (I) decided to ditch cooking dinner and we went to MOD Pizza instead. Also, you should have seen how happy Everlee was to have her daddy home. As she gets older, her reactions are so amazing to watch and something I will cherish forever. Continue reading