Five on Friday!

    Happy Friday!

    It has been a long and challenging week over here. 16 month olds are NO joke. The attitude and sass of my sweet girl is unreal lately. But! That’s okay, because it is Friday and we started decorating for Christmas this week and  it’s Thanksgiving next week.

    ONE: Shae’s mom and sister came over this last weekend to visit and we had the best time! They got here around 2pm on Saturday and we went bowling, ate lots of junk at the bowling alley, came home and visited and ended the night with a very long game of Life! We hadn’t been bowling in quite awhile and it’s been years since we had all played Life. It was a great visit and we get to see them again next week because we will be at their house for Thanksgiving! Continue reading

    Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    With Black Friday approaching next week, I wanted to make sure to put out the ultimate Christmas gift guide. Every year, I am scouring online trying to find gifts for family and friends, so instead, I decided to throw together the ultimate gift guide! I truly hope this gift guide helps and gives you a little inspiration on what to get your loved ones this holiday season. Be on the lookout for stocking stuffer ideas and a gift exchange guide to come in the near future. Happy shopping! Continue reading

    Crockpot Baked Potato Soup

    This fall, I started a Soup Sunday tradition at our house. So I have been making soups in the crockpot every Sunday that we are home for quite awhile now. Yesterday I am threw together a Baked Potato Soup and loaded it with our favorite toppings. I love Sundays because I usually throw all my ingredients in the crockpot right before lunch and we can smell it cooking the rest of the day day while we are snacking and watching football!

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    23 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    I know, I know, who starts bump dates at 23 weeks pregnant!? I am over half way done, and very far behind. BUT I am doing it anyway. I want to document the rest of this pregnancy because this very well could be my last time being pregnant. So, let’s jump right in!

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    Five on Friday!

    Happy Friday, everyone! I wanted to join in on doing a Five on Friday post every week. This means every Friday you post five things; whether it be your favorites, a recipe, events that happened during the week, etc. So join me on Friday’s and let’s get started!

    ONE: Shae has been gone the last few weeks for training and on Monday he finally came home! These last couple of months have been really hard because he has been gone so much. Thankfully, Everlee and I get to go visit family while he is gone, so that makes it a little less hard. So to celebrate him coming home, we (I) decided to ditch cooking dinner and we went to MOD Pizza instead. Also, you should have seen how happy Everlee was to have her daddy home. As she gets older, her reactions are so amazing to watch and something I will cherish forever. Continue reading


    I am sitting here pondering what to even put on my very first blog post. These types of posts seem awkward, right? It kind of makes or breaks whether or not your readers will like you. It is a lot of pressure to make a big first impression with just some words. But I guess, here goes nothing!

    I’ve always been into blogging and writing about my life. Unfortunately, I’ve never stuck to it for more than a few months. This time I plan to stick around! I guess what is different this time is I am a mama to the most beautiful girl and I am watching life go on by us without anything but my memory. I look at all the pictures I have of her, our life and am sad I didn’t document it more. I want to write about the things that make my heart swell, the moments I want everyone to look back on and keep near and dear to their hearts. Another change is I am pregnant! It’s another girl! Cue the pink, glitter, Disney princesses, tea parties and one very over-protective dad. Haha! I am almost 23 weeks pregnant with this new addition and I plan to start doing bump dates next week. This pregnancy has been far less advertised, glamorous and soaked in like it was with my first daughter, Everlee. I think I have some major making up to do!

    So you know that I am a mom to a toddler named Everlee and that I’m pregnant with our second baby girl. Well, I’m also married to my high school sweet heart, Shae. We’ve been married for almost 5 years and together for 8 now. He is the best daddy and the best husband. I know everyone says that, but truly, he is. You will hear lots about him in future posts as well, don’t you worry! Besides that, we moved from North Carolina to Washington State last summer. This was exciting news to us at the time because most of our family lives in Oregon. But alas, the Army is sending us to Alaska in May 2019! This means we will be having a baby in March and moving in May with a 22 month old, 2 month old and 2 dogs. Sounds fun, right?

    Honestly, I’m just another girl who really loves the holidays, and uses way too many exclamation points and laughing emoji faces. I’m just a wife trying to make her husband dinner every night when he comes home from work. I’m just a mom who wishes she was crafty (stay awhile if you’d love to see me attempt to be crafty with and for my 2 girls), who is fueled by coffee, and honestly lives to hear my daughters laughter.

    As the holidays approach, my holiday loving-self plans to post some gift guides for those of you who need some inspiration or ideas, some DIY Christmas gifts and probably a recipe or two. Expect updates on life as chaos comes forth as we spend our last few months with our family, prepare for a newborn baby, prepare to buy a house and move to a very cold state. I really hope you stay and join me and my family on this journey.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m Calista. And I’m so glad you’re here. You can read more about me here!