34 Weeks | Baby #2

    How far along: 34 weeks! 

    Baby is the size of a: A Savoy Cabbage. This big girl is around 5lbs and 18in long!!!

    Weight gain: 21lbs at my 32 week appt so my guess is probably around 25lbs.

    Maternity clothes: Absolutely!

    Sleep: I am a grouch without my sleep this week.

    Gender: GIRL! 

    Movement: Still going crazy in there! I actually got a pretty cool video of her rolling in my stomach. Surprising, because she always stops when I try to record. Stubborn girl!

    Best moment this week: Shae’s mom visiting us yesterday and staying with us. We had such a great time spending time with her!

    Looking forward to: Not having to roll off the couch and bed. And also looking forward to not sounding like a grunting cow when I’m trying to get up. Haha!

    Food cravings: Chips and guac, Oranges and strawberry jelly. Oh my gosh, I’ve been having a bagel or English muffin with jelly almost every morning. Or a peanut butter and jelly.

    Anything make you sick or queasy: Nope! 

    Labor signs: Nope!

    What I miss: My old self. I’m still feeling in a slump and I’m ready to be myself again!

    Symptoms: Lots of Braxton Hicks (still), back pain, tired. Nothing really new!

    Belly button in or out: In! Although it is starting to come close to being flat.

    Wedding rings on or off: On!

    Mood: Not myself. But I know it’s hormones and being tired and just a combination of those.

    Five on Friday

    Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a great week. As usual, we are so excited for the weekend! We have a fun few days ahead of us.

    ONE: Shae had a four day weekend last weekend but unfortunately, Shae and Everlee were sick and miserable. So most of it was spent watching movies and cuddling.

    TWO: Everlee looks like Chris Farley here and it KILLS me. Also, how cool is she in her KISS shirt? This girl blows my mind every day. She learns a new word almost every day now it seems like. She never really had a bottle so I feel like she never really said “baba” like most toddlers do. So this week she has been saying “baba” for her babies bottle, “ball,” and “papa” for grandpa. We’ve also been working on our colors, so we will see how she progresses!

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    What my Toddler Eats in a Day

    Feeding a toddler can be a little frustrating at times. They become picky, they like one thing one day and hate it the next, you want to make sure they aren’t eating junk, are getting enough fruits & veggies & whole grains. Are they eating enough? Is that too many snacks for the day?

    I wanted to share with you guys a little glimpse of what my 18 month old, Everlee, would typically eat in a day. Every single day is different, so I might make this a monthly post to give you guys different meals to make your toddlers. I’m pretty simple – I won’t sit here and say I make her extravagant meals every day, because truthfully she feeds our dog at half of her lunch and dinner most of the time. So here is what her day of eating looked like on this particular day:

    8am: Everlee wakes up between 7:30/8am every morning and I try to have breakfast cooked for her before she wakes up. She is always really hungry first thing and wants to eat right away. Eggs are one of her favorite foods, so she eats eggs almost every morning. Especially because it’s one of the only foods she will eat that has a good amount of protein in it. So this morning she had scrambled eggs, a couple mini Kodiak Cakes Pancakes with butter and half a banana. I like to keep a stash of pancakes in the freezer to easily heat up in the morning. She loves these pancakes and they are packed with protein! Banana because the girl loves bananas. Everlee also gets a cup of whole milk with every meal.

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    33 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    How far along: 33 weeks! 

    Baby is the size of a: A head of cauliflower and about 4lbs!

    Weight gain: 21lbs as of my last appointment! I only gained 2lbs since my 28 week appointment. YAY!

    Maternity clothes: Yes! And also, Shae’s shirts are a go to while I’m at home.

    Sleep: I have been so greedy with sleep. All I want to do is sleep. I sleep fine other than having to wake up and legit roll out of bed twent times a night to pee. Not fun.

    Gender: GIRL! 

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    Five on Friday!

    Happy Friday, guys! We are are excited because Shae is home for FOUR days. We love four day weekends over here.

    ONE: My family came over this weekend to spend the day with us and we had the best time! Our original plan was to go bowling but we ended up just hanging out at our house visiting, snacking, ordering pizzas and going for a walk around a lake near us. We seriously had so much fun and it was good to go on a long walk outside.

    TWO: My dad has been staying with us all week because he is working up this way which is over a 3 hour drive for him. So it’s been nice seeing him every evening! He brought lots of fresh elk burger, steaks and crab so we have been loving all of that for dinners! Yum!

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    Pregnancy Must Haves | Third Trimester

    Since I have been in my third trimester for a few weeks now, I have a real idea on what would be considered a must have and what really isn’t necessary. I’ve stumbled across these types of posts and there is a list of 10-15 things and half of them I find unnecessary.

    My first recommendation is a good comfortable pair of shoes. With the extra weight you gain in the third trimester, your feet can hurt pretty quickly. Depending on the season, it will vary. If you just need an every day tennis shoe, I HIGHLY recommend these! They are SO comfortable. I seriously rave about these to everyone and they are super cute. If you’re in need of a good pair of winter boots, I got these c9 boots For Christmas and I adore them! They are super comfortable and really stylish.

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    Meal Plan Monday | Jan 14 – Jan 27

    Hey guys, I am back with Meal Plan Monday! You can view previous posts here. I took some time off of these posts solely because we were out of town for over two whole weeks and I didn’t think it was fair to not put my all into the posts. I figured skipping it all together would be better and coming back in the full swing of things. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

    This year, my goal is try to and really budget every month on groceries. We spend A LOT on groceries, so you may notice some cheaper meal options for dinner and/or some repeats. You don’t have to follow every single week, this is just to help anyone out who may need some meal ideas!

    Monday Jan 14: One Pot Cajun Pasta – This recipe is so dang good, you guys! I highly recommend trying it fin The Blond Cook. I often switch up which sausage we use. Sometimes we use the Cajun sausage, sometimes turkey sausage and other times I will use kielbasa. You can use whatever sausage you have on hand/or on sale and you can use whatever pasta you have, as well. Because this is somewhat of a heavy dish, we will probably have a small side salad with it!

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    32 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    How far along: 32 weeks! 

    Baby is the size of a: A Florida Pomelo. Whatever that is?

    Weight gain: My appointment is on Tuesday, so I will probably come back and add it here then!

    Maternity clothes: Yes! I live in maternity leggings and crew neck sweaters.

    Sleep: I have been sleeping great again! I actually started sleeping without my pregnancy pillow and I’ve noticed a huge difference. Having more room hasn’t helped me a lot!

    Gender: GIRL! 

    Movement: Some. She has been pretty chill in there again. I was just thinking about how odd it is that I haven’t felt her get the hiccups yet. Everlee has the hiccups multiple times a day!

    Best moment this week: Having my mom, step dad, brother, cousin Kaylee and aunt Ton came over to our house yesterday and visited us for the day. We had the best time!

    Looking forward to: My 32 week appointment in a couple of days. So crazy that we are already at 8 months pregnant! I think after my next appointment we start doing weekly appointments! I have a feeling time is going to fly by.

    Food cravings: Really only ice but someone mentioned an Oreo McFlurry the other day and then I wanted a McFlurry so bad!

    Anything make you sick or queasy: Nope! 

    Labor signs: Nope!

    What I miss: Feeling good about myself. I’ve been feeling pretty down about how I look lately. Despite knowing I’m growing a baby.

    Symptoms: Still constantly having Braxton Hicks. But besides that, nothing really comes to mind. My feet have been hurting if I am walking on them a lot. I really have been feeling great this week, besides always being so tired.

    Belly button in or out: In!

    Wedding rings on or off: On!

    Mood: Completely and utterly tired! I swear I’ve been feeling like this since before Christmas and I just can’t seem to snap out of it.

    Five on Friday

    Happy Friday, friends!

    ONE: I’m not sure if you know, but we have two dogs! We have a yellow lab named Penelope and a black teacup chihuahua named Mylee. Penelope is 2 1/2 and the chunkiest, sweetest, outdoorsiest dog. Everlee yells “Peeeee!” everyday, all day long. They are best friends and it is so sweet. I snapped this picture on Sunday and had to share with you all and give you a little introduction!

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    Everlee Diamond | 18 Months Old

    Holy moly, I have absolutely NO clue how my baby girl is already 18 months old. I swear she just turned a year old like a week ago.

    Everlee’s 18 month appointment hasn’t happened yet, so once it does I will update her stats here, but until then I can talk about this wild and crazy girl. Truthfully, I am dreading her appointment because she hates going to the doctors. She was so scared and screamed the entire time at both her 12 month + 15 month appointments. Please send us positive vibes that she does well this time around and if you have any tips, please send them my way!

    Our big girl is wearing size 2T clothes and still fits in a few 24 month items as well. Size 5 shoes. She has 12+ teeth. I can’t tell for sure because she won’t let me look in her mouth other than to brush her teeth and she loves to just suck on her tooth brush, so… we will go with that. We are still cloth diapering but because we were visiting family over Shae’s Christmas leave, we discovered she is now in size 5 diapers.

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