Everlee Diamond | Birth Story


It was Sunday July 2nd, and we had a scheduled induction because you, little lady, did not want to come out. I was 41 weeks & 3 days pregnant. Your dad and I pulled into Madigan Hospital at Fort Lewis, Washington, smiling and so happy and excited to meet you. In fact, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep the entire night before (terrible idea, this made me so exhausted in the long run). We got into a room at 9:45am. They checked my cervix to see where I was and I was only 1cm dilated. They began induction at 11am with a foley bulb and contractions began immediately after they put it in so things were off to a good start! It took about 7 ½ hours for the bulb to fall out (6:30pm) and while I was having lots of contractions, they were not painful. The next step was pitocin and they began that at 7:30pm. My midwife told me the plan was that I would be on pitocin for 6 hours, get checked and then she would break my water. But at around 11 that night (3 1/2 hours after pitocin), I was really struggling with the pain from contractions (piton is no joke!) so I asked my nurse to hook me up to the wifi monitors so I could get up and move around and take a hot shower. I wish I had a stool to sit on in the shower because I would have stayed in their all night! Eventually I started to feel completely exhausted from lack of sleep. This is when I asked my nurse for something to help me sleep. Before they gave me anything, my midwife wanted to check me and I ended up being 5cm dilated and 70% effaced at midnight. They gave me something to help sleep and it gave me a little rest as I could shut my eyes between my contractions that were 1-3 minutes apart. At 1am (5 1/2 hours on picocin) they broke my water and then left. This is when things got real! Your daddy went to sleep during this time because I kept telling him I would need him later for pushing, plus it was late and I knew he was tired. An hour later they checked my cervix again and I was only 6cm. You just weren’t wanting to come out! She said she expected me to be at LEAST another 4-6 hours. Because I wasn’t dilating fast, I was getting discouraged and decided to get the epidural. By the time I got it, I was 7cm dilated. It was 3:30am and I was relieved because I thought I would be able to get some sleep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Your heart started to descend a lot. It went from being in the 150s-170s to the 90s-120s. So they cut off all the pitocin and did an amniotic fusion for you.l. This meant no sleep for mom! They were coming in every 30min to reposition me to try and get your heart beat back up. Finally at 5:30am they put me back on pitocin slowly because you were doing better. I finally ended up getting an hour and a half of sleep and woke up at 7am to excruciating back labor. This was not fun! Our new midwife came in (she delivered you) and I thought she would check me but she told me I hadn’t been having any contractions during the night so she was gonna wait 2 hours. I thought she was wrong because I knew I was having contractions. Apparently the monitor wasn’t picking up any of my contractions because shortly after, I began throwing up and my nurse told me I was going to have a baby soon! She went and got the midwife and she checked me at 9:40am – I was 9cm & 100% effaced (having no contractions my butt!). She told me I would probably be pushing in the next hour. She was right. I started pushing at 10:40am. Once you were close to coming, the midwife asked if I wanted a mirror to see you and I said yes. I could see your head and your dark hair!!! It gave me so much motivation. I kept telling your dad and your grandma “she’s right there. She is almost here!” I was so close to meeting you baby girl ! After 90min of pushing, you my perfect angel, Everlee Diamond, was born at 12:15pm on July 3rd (41weeks 4days), 2017. They gave you right to me and you didn’t leave my chest for over an hour. Your daddy and I were bawling our eyes out because you were so perfect. So unbelievably perfect. You were 8lbs 7oz, 19 1/2in long. Dark brown/black hair with the longest toes and feet, chubbiest cheeks and cutest button nose! You looked just like me, but so so beautiful. It’s all I kept saying to you and to everyone who would list. And I will keep saying it forever. By far, the best day of my life sweet girl. Welcome to the world!


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