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    30 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    How far along: 30 weeks! These last 10 weeks are going to FLY by you guys. I am so excited to meet this sweet girl.

    Baby is the size of a: A cantaloupe. My Ovia Pregnancy app says she is about 17 inches and 3 1/2 pounds! Holy moly.

    Weight gain: Still not thrilled about stepping on a scale anytime soon. Definitely over 20lbs at this point (especially after the holidays). I plan on working out a few times a week from here on out though!

    Maternity clothes: Yes! I really wish I had some cuter ones. I want to pick up a few more maternity clothes but at this point I feel like I mine as well suck it up this late in the game.  

    Sleep: I am still sleeping great!

    Gender: GIRL! 

    Movement: Still my Little night owl. Shae says she gets active around 11pm and I think he’s right. Makes me sad for the family because nobody has felt her but Shae and I!

    Best moment this week: CHRISTMAS! We had an amazing Christmas.

    Looking forward to: Getting back home from vacation. As much as we love visiting our family, it’s always so nice to get back home and get in our routine.

    Food cravings: I really can’t think of anything besides ice and ice cream!

    Anything make you sick or queasy: No!

    Labor signs: No. Same old Braxton Hicks though. I feel like some of them are painful and uncomfortable which isn’t fun!

    What I miss: Having energy. I seriously feel like a lump on a log. I hate it.

    Symptoms: So many Braxton hicks contractions still, exhausted, uncomfortable and waddling around like a duck, bloated!

    Belly button in or out: In!

    Wedding rings on or off: On!

    Mood: Exhausted most of the time but still happy!

    29 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    How far along: 29 weeks! 

    Baby is the size of a: A pineapple. This is my second baby and I still can’t bemieve something as big as a pineapple fits inside me!

    Weight gain: I don’t even want to know.

    Maternity clothes: Basically all I wear besides my regular hoodies and sweatshirts.

    Sleep: I am sleeping so great! I am so fortunate.

    Gender: GIRL! 💗💗💗

    Movement: She still moves the most at night but she’s been doing dance parties a lot in there. Probably because of all ththe holiday food and treats.

    Best moment this week: Shae going on vacation and having him to myself for two weeks!

    Looking forward to: CHRISTMAS! I am so excited for Christmas in a couple days. I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve tomorrow!

    Food cravings: Nerds candy, sour candy, milk, grapes. Nothing too crazy.

    Anything make you sick or queasy: No! Thank goodness!

    Labor signs: No. Still having constant Braxton Hicks and I was actually feeling a little crampy at times but nothing significant.

    What I miss: Having energy.

    Symptoms: So many Braxton hicks contractions this week, I noticed a little bit of swelling after being at my computer for a couple hours without getting up, and a lot of back pain this week. I had to get out my pregnancy pillow again!

    Belly button in or out: In!

    Wedding rings on or off: On!

    Mood: Drained but in the holiday spirit. ☺️

    28 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    Picture Coming!

    How far along: 28 weeks! Hello third trimester!

    Baby is the size of a: A coconut! Somehow there is a 16 inch 2.5lb baby inside me and it is just crazy!

    Weight gain: My appointment is tomorrow and I am dreading it. But next weeks post will have an update!

    Maternity clothes: I live in maternity clothes you guys. I’m not trying to be any more uncomfortable than I already am!

    Sleep: I’m not even sure how I could function if I wasn’t getting sleep. I’m tired by 8pm and want to sleep until 8am. Thankfully Everlee wakes at 8 so I get to soak in a little extra sleep.

    Gender: GIRL! 💗💗💗

    Movement: I think I’ve discovered why I never feel this little lady all day, it’s because she is up partying all night! I was up with Everlee one night and little baby was having a dance party all night long

    Best moment this week: Out annual Christmas pajama party that was last night. It was so much fun!

    Looking forward to: Currently a nap, but I’m also so excited for Shae to be on leave for two weeks starting this Friday!

    Food cravings: Mexican food, lemons, spicy food, Frosted Flakes, and ramen.

    Anything make you sick or queasy: I’ve been feeling a little queasy in the morning before I’ve eaten anything.

    Labor signs: Nope!

    What I miss: Being able to breathe and be comfortable.

    Symptoms: Itchy feet still. This symptom is so annoying! Braxton Hicks, lots of pressure, I had a day this week where my back was absolutely killing me but hasn’t been bugging me since!

    Belly button in or out: In!

    Wedding rings on or off: On!

    Mood: So exhausted from the big party last night but other than that, I’m really great!

    27 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    How far along: 27 weeks! I think we are in the third trimester?

    Baby is the size of a: A bundle of bananas and over 2 lbs at this point. Holy crap!

    Weight gain: To be determined… Lol. I have an appointment next Monday.

    Maternity clothes: Yes, yes, yes, yes! I was really pregnant at this point last time when it was hot and summer time so I am in desperate need of some warmer maternity clothes.

    Sleep: All I want to do is sleep you guys. So yes, I am sleeping great other than waking up a hundred times to pee!

    Gender: GIRL! 💗💗💗

    Movement: Okay, my crazy baby is back to being super chill again. She is nice and quiet in there. But apparently she can fully hear now so maybe some music will get her bouncing around again.

    Best moment this week: Spending the entire weekend with Shae. It was so great to get a little break and spend some quality time together.

    Looking forward to: SEEING MY BABY TOMORROW. As much as I enjoyed a weekend break, I cannot wait to see my girl tomorrow.

    Food cravings: Mexican food, lots and lots of ice, still craving milk, and sour candy!

    Anything make you sick or queasy: Nope!

    Labor signs: No! Having lots of Braxton hicks this week, though.

    What I miss: Nothing really that I am missing this week. It would have been nice to order a drink out at our anniversary dinner, though!

    Symptoms: Red eyes, itchy feet, tired, can’t breathe when laying down a lot of times.

    Belly button in or out: In!

    Wedding rings on or off: On!

    Mood: Really happy and I am really grateful I haven’t really been super hormonal and moody. I’m sure Shae feels the same way, haha!

    23 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    I know, I know, who starts bump dates at 23 weeks pregnant!? I am over half way done, and very far behind. BUT I am doing it anyway. I want to document the rest of this pregnancy because this very well could be my last time being pregnant. So, let’s jump right in!

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