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    Five on Friday!

    Happy Friday, guys! We are are excited because Shae is home for FOUR days. We love four day weekends over here.

    ONE: My family came over this weekend to spend the day with us and we had the best time! Our original plan was to go bowling but we ended up just hanging out at our house visiting, snacking, ordering pizzas and going for a walk around a lake near us. We seriously had so much fun and it was good to go on a long walk outside.

    TWO: My dad has been staying with us all week because he is working up this way which is over a 3 hour drive for him. So it’s been nice seeing him every evening! He brought lots of fresh elk burger, steaks and crab so we have been loving all of that for dinners! Yum!

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    Pregnancy Must Haves | Third Trimester

    Since I have been in my third trimester for a few weeks now, I have a real idea on what would be considered a must have and what really isn’t necessary. I’ve stumbled across these types of posts and there is a list of 10-15 things and half of them I find unnecessary.

    My first recommendation is a good comfortable pair of shoes. With the extra weight you gain in the third trimester, your feet can hurt pretty quickly. Depending on the season, it will vary. If you just need an every day tennis shoe, I HIGHLY recommend these! They are SO comfortable. I seriously rave about these to everyone and they are super cute. If you’re in need of a good pair of winter boots, I got these c9 boots For Christmas and I adore them! They are super comfortable and really stylish.

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    Meal Plan Monday | Jan 14 – Jan 27

    Hey guys, I am back with Meal Plan Monday! You can view previous posts here. I took some time off of these posts solely because we were out of town for over two whole weeks and I didn’t think it was fair to not put my all into the posts. I figured skipping it all together would be better and coming back in the full swing of things. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

    This year, my goal is try to and really budget every month on groceries. We spend A LOT on groceries, so you may notice some cheaper meal options for dinner and/or some repeats. You don’t have to follow every single week, this is just to help anyone out who may need some meal ideas!

    Monday Jan 14: One Pot Cajun Pasta – This recipe is so dang good, you guys! I highly recommend trying it fin The Blond Cook. I often switch up which sausage we use. Sometimes we use the Cajun sausage, sometimes turkey sausage and other times I will use kielbasa. You can use whatever sausage you have on hand/or on sale and you can use whatever pasta you have, as well. Because this is somewhat of a heavy dish, we will probably have a small side salad with it!

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    Five on Friday

    Happy Friday, friends!

    ONE: I’m not sure if you know, but we have two dogs! We have a yellow lab named Penelope and a black teacup chihuahua named Mylee. Penelope is 2 1/2 and the chunkiest, sweetest, outdoorsiest dog. Everlee yells “Peeeee!” everyday, all day long. They are best friends and it is so sweet. I snapped this picture on Sunday and had to share with you all and give you a little introduction!

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    Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip

    On Christmas Eve, I wanted to throw some kind of warm dip together. I have never made buffalo chicken dip but figured I would give it a try and surprisingly, it actually turned out amazing so I figured I would share with you all!

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    Five on Friday!

    Happy First Friday of 2019!

    If I’m being honest, I have kind of unplugged these last one – two weeks. My blog and YouTube have kind of gone to the side while I soaked up every minute with family. So I am sorry about the lack of work going into my posts. I promise I am coming back and have some serious motivation to kick ass this year on both platforms!

    ONE: We celebrated a late Christmas with Shae’s dad, little sister, his brother and niece. We went over after Everlee woke up from her nap and walked in to the cutest came four wheeler! She hopped right on and ran into everything. Haha! Shae and I actually almost bought her the Minnie Mouse one on Black Friday and we are so glad we didn’t.

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    Christmas 2018

    Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve was spent at my mom and step dads house. We spent Christmas with Shae’s moms side last year so we switched this year. We spent the morning having a big breakfast and finishing up last minute Christmas planning + details. Once the evening rolled around, we all went outside and hung out there for awhile. Everlee loves being outside, so this was especially fun for her. She was jumping in puddles, riding on the lawn mower and throwing sticks in the pond.

    I put on a homemade buffalo chicken dip on the crockpot in the afternoon (I will post the recipe soon) and we ate all sorts of appetizers for dinner. We had mozzarella sticks, hot wings, chips and dip, potstickers and crab. It was all delicious and we were all stuffed!

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    Five on Friday

    Happy Friday, friends! I feel like I am still recovering from Christmas. I swear I woke up the day after Christmas feeling hungover (jokes on me cause I’m pregnant). Finally, I’m feeling like I am recovering!

    ONE: Christmas Eve was such a fun day. We really kept it low key but it was great! We had a big breakfast and finished up wrapping gifts, I made a homemade chicken buffalo dip in the crockpot and ended the night eating a bunch of appetizers. After Everlee went to sleep, the boys finished up putting together her play kitchen from Santa and my mom and I put together stockings and set up for Christmas morning.

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    12 Days of Christmas

    At the end of November, I joined a 12 Days of Christmas Blog swap hosted by Angie over at My So-Called Chaos. The idea behind this is that you’re paired up with a fellow blogger, and you each exchange 12 gifts to open up on the 12 days leading to Christmas. I was so excited for this and have loved opening up a gift every single day.

    I ended up being paired with a girl named McKenzie and she was so much fun to shop for. You can check out her blog here! Go give her some love and support and tell her I sent you! 😉

    Day 1

    On December 14th, I woke up and opened my first gift first thing that morning. What can I say, I was really excited to start. I picked one of the bugger gifts she sent and ended up getting the most adorable shadow box calendar. It is already on my desk now, but I’m excited to start using it for the new year!

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    Merry Christmas Eve!

    Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! This is such a magical day, especially now that I have a daughter of my own. I hope you all have the best Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with all of your loved ones.

    I wanted to share a few Christmas traditions we do in our family for this year and some we have always done. Next year, Shae and I and the girls will be in Alaska so things will be a bit different but here is a little snippet of how things go for us!

    Christmas Eve Traditions

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