Oaklee Shae | 6 Months Old

Our sweet baby turned SIX months old on the 13th! Wow, time really goes fast the second time around. This sweet girl is learning so much and is really trying hard to keep up with her big sister! This month, Oaklee went to her first Shinedown concert, the Alaska State fair, moved out of her bassinet into her crib, started BLW, and has been waking up lots in the night lately. Whew, momma is tired!

How was this six months ago? 😭

Now look at this big girl!

New stuff!

• Oaklee can get on all 4’s and rock back and forth! She is SO close to crawling.

• She started sitting up at 4 months old and seriously could sit up for hours at this point.

• We started BLW the day she turned 6 months old, and she absolutely HATES food right now. She makes the funniest faces when she eats and it cracks us up.

• Recognizes her name when you call her!

• Will wave 70% of the time if you wave and say “hi!”

• Can say “Baba” and “Mmmuh” and our quiet little baby is starting to become a little more vocal. We always get so excited when she starts hollering and make a bunch of noise.

• Thinks her big sister is the most funny thing in the world. I swear all she has to do is walk near her and Oaklee is cracking up!

• Starting to have “stranger danger.” Some people she sees she absolutely loses it. It’s so sad!

• Shed her first real tears! I feel like it took forever to see a single tear fall from her eye balls. She rarely ever cries and unfortunately most of her tears are from getting hurt from big sister (accidents) or falling over and hitting a toy or something.

• When she is babbling, she takes her hand (or sometimes a toy) and moves to and from her mouth to make her own little call. It’s the cutest thing ever!

• Still doing cloth diapers but she fits in size 3 diapers. Once we run out of the size 3s we have I will be buying size 4s! Wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and some 9-12 month stuff as well!

Oaklee’s six month well check was today and everyone was obsessed with her. She is just such a happy baby and smiled at everyone. Overall, she’s so healthy and thriving!

Weight: 17lbs 7.5oz (73%)

Height: 27in (87%)

Head Circumference: 43.3cm (78%)

Oaklee grew an inch since her 4 month appt, gained about two lbs and is getting so gosh dang big! She is not quite as chunky as she used to be and is leaning out already, which doesn’t surprise me all that much because this girl is always on the floor and on the move!


Oaklee is still eating every 2-3 hours. Which is still quite frequently. I typically feed her as soon as she wakes up, and then again 10-15min before she lays down for a nap or bedtime. I will probably see if I can start just doing eat, play, sleep here soon cause right now we are doing eat, play, eat, sleep. I’m hesitant because I don’t want my supply to tank because that happened when I implemented that with Everlee. Still no bottles. Not that I’ve tried. I need to start pumping but I just really haven’t had the motivation to do it. Besides that, we started BLW! If she’s awake during a time we are eating a meal, I will give her some of what we are having. She has hated everything she’s had so far, though. The only thing she likes are teething biscuits. Haha!


Whew, we’ve been struggling in this department for the last couple weeks. Oaklee was sleeping through the night for the most part or having one early morning feed around 5-6am, but she has had some nights lately where she was waking 4-5 times. I swear she didn’t even wake up that much as a newborn!! Also it has been taking her so long to fall asleep at night, which is so unlike her too. Naps are actually good. She takes two long naps about every two hours and then takes a cat nap from about 5-5:30/45. Hopefully by her next update we are doing much better with sleep.

Happy 6 months my sweet Oaklee Shae. You are the sweetest edition to our family and truthfully, I can hardly remember the days before you were here. You are my favorite snuggle bug, your smile lights up the room, and your big cheeks are so gosh dang scrumptious.

Months 3-6 Photodump!

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