Everlee Diamond | 2 years old

I blinked and two years has gone by. Truthfully, I still stare at Everlee and can’t believe my tiny little babe with no hair has turned into this TODDLER with toddler hair and toddler attitude and toddler vocabulary. It blows my mind. Time really does go too fast.

Everlee turned two July 3rd and this last year has been huge. So many things have changed, so much growth has happened and miss Everlee Diamond is growing so fast.

Everlee became a big sister in March 2019, and has been the best big sister. Never once has she been too rough, intentionally mean, or super jealous. She has taken her role on like a true champ. I couldn’t believe how easy she took to a new baby being the center of attention. She had no regressions, no problems whatsoever. I took the first month the hardest. I had a hard time with mom guilt and feeling like I wasn’t spending enough time with my baby girl. She was with me 24/7 for the first 20 months of her life and it was really breaking my heart not getting that same one on one time with her. But we got through it and we are thriving!

Shae took Everlee back to the doctors in April after big concerns of her not growing. She was rapidly declining on her growth chart and while it was a concern at her 12/15 month appts, her 18 month appointment was when they said she needed to come back in a few months to get new measurements and go from there. If she was still on a rapid decline, they were going to do blood work to try and find the root of the problem. Many people said not to worry because I am short, but that wasn’t the concern, it was because she was very high on the growth chart for the first year of her life (90+%) and went down to the 10-15% by 18 months. Babies have their own growth chart and she was far off hers. Anyway, she went back in April and got an accurate measurement and grew a whopping 2cm. That kept her on her same growth curve from her previous appointment and said that while it was minimal growth, it was still growth nonetheless. So where is Everlee sitting now?

Stats (July 2019)

Weight: 27lbs (69%)

Height: 33.75in (41%)

Head Circumference: 47.2cm (50%)

We couldn’t be more thrilled for this growth. I got teary eyed at the appointment after hearing her measurements. SUCH happy news!

Our move to Alaska

If you’ve read any of my personal posts, you would know we were preparing for our move to Alaska. We arrived here on the very last day of May! Everlee had her very first airplane flight and once again surprised us with her flawless adjustment to our new home in a new state. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as happy as she was to see her bed! So far, we’ve gone to the Alaska zoo (on her birthday), we’ve been camping a couple of times, she’s fished with her daddy, we’ve gone on many hikes, went to a Shinedown concert and so many new adventures have been thrown her way. I’m curious to see how she does with the snow this winter!


I always felt that this smarty pants was ahead on her communicative skills and let her physical skills stay a little behind. She is now combining words and speaking short sentences. It is so funny when she is feeding her baby and she goes “mmmm nummy! Das gooood!” She can say so many words and understands an unfathomable amount. She is rarely ever speaking in a normal voice. It’s always a few octaves higher. I think she gets that from her dad! Some of our favorite things she says are “mommy outside!” every single time we open up the door, “Mommy door!” When she wants into any door (mostly the pantry), “wooooah!!” when she pretends like she’s going to fall down. “Couch” and “tissue” are also pretty high on some of our favorite things she says!

Everlee has been our wild child, our firecracker and has kept us in our toes since the day she was born. That hasn’t changed. But she is also so, so sweet. She is so helpful with her sister, loves hugs and kisses, has Pinky (her buildabear) sit at the table with her for every meal, loves to be outside kicking her ball, and is also pretty familiar at this point with her potty chair.

Some of Everlee’s favorite things right now: Pinky (always and forever), coloring, kicking balls, her choo choo train, playing blocks, bouncing on daddy while he’s laying on the ground, trampoline park, reading books, helping me dust & sweep & vacuum, Chip & potato on Netflix, and trying on everyone’s shoes!

Foods she loves: the girl lives off of eggs, cereal (Cheerios & almond milk), yogurt, Annie’s Mac and cheese, black beans, Pb&j sandwiches, plain pasta & granola bars. She has recently denied most fruits and the only veggies she likes are carrots and corn.

Some things she dislikes: not getting enough sleep, not being able to reach and open the doors, vegetables, sharing (we are working on it).

While this is two months late, these things don’t change. Currently we are working on potty training and in just four days you have almost got it down completely. You never cease to amaze us my sweet girl. You’re the firecracker of this and we wouldn’t change a thing about you. Your personality shines so bright and your daddy and I are so lucky to have you as our baby girl. We love you more than you will ever know.

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