Oaklee Shae | 1 month old

Not even sure how we are even at this point. ONE MONTH?! Oaklee is doing amazing. She grew out of newborn clothes and newborn diapers by 2 weeks old. I couldn’t believe it! It’s funny how I always imagined myself having tiny little babies and I was blessed with two big girls. Haha!


At birth Oaklee weighed 8lbs 4oz (86th percentile) and was 21.5in (100th percentile). When we left the hospital the following day she was 7lbs 11oz. At her 3 days of life appointment she weighed 7lbs 15oz. And then at her two week appt she weighed a whopping 9lbs 7oz (90th percentile) and 21 inches (83rd percentile)! I imagine she’s at least 11lbs by now. The girls has some serious triple chins and leg rolls that are so scrumptious!


Boy oh boy, this girl is a little piggy! She wakes up after it’s been exactly 2 hours since her last feed during the day and at night it’s 2-3 hours. Breast feeding has been way easier this time around. Like her sister, she had a shallow latch but since I dealt with it with Everlee, I knew how to help her and correct it. After the first week, all nipple soreness and cracks were fine and things have been going great since.


You are still pretty sleepy but at random times are SO alert and curious and at those times it can take hours to get you back to sleep. You just look around and stare and make faces, never cry or get upset. It’s the strangest thing! Thankfully you don’t do that at night. During the day you wake up, I feed you on one side, change your diaper, let you lay on your tummy for a few minutes, maybe put you in your swing for all of 5 minutes (not a fan of the swing), swaddle you back up, nurse you to sleep and the attempt to transfer you to your dockatot and we repeat all day. You would much rather someone hold you for all your naps, though. At nightime you’re much better. After your big sister goes to sleep at 7, mom hands you over to dad so she can shower, set up the room for the night, then I bring you in our room, turn on our Hatch Rest white noise machine, put you in jammies and a clean diaper, nurse you to sleep and put you in your dock that is in your bassinet by 8. Some nights it is 9, though. On these nights you are fighting going down and it makes for a long evening but I keep trying! You typically wake up about every 3 hours after that. You gave me a big 5 1/2 hour stretch once and I wish you’d do it again! You seem to always wake up between 1-2am and 5-6am. From there I usually feed you and put you back to sleep once more and then we are up for the day about 7.


  • It’s hard to tell who you look like. But I will be nursing you and look down and all I see is your sister. We all look at pictures and it’s crazy how similar you two look.
  • Your baby acne wasn’t very bad at all, and is starting to clear up now!
  • You still dislike your swing and would rather be rocked by mom or dad. Or anyone for that matter.
  • You poop A LOT. Also, have way more blowouts than necessary.
  • You mostly love tummy time which is nice because your sister would cry anytime we did it.
  • You are super laid-back and easy. Almost always content. So alert and curious. You rarely cry. You mostly “yell” and your dad calls you squeaks because of it.
  • Still just want to nap in someone’s arms and 8/10 will wake up shortly after being transferred somewhere else. But at nighttime you sleep perfectly fine in your dockatot in your bassinet. I usually get you down for bed between 8-9pm and you wake up around 11-midnight, again between 2-3 and again around 5-6 and then I usually put you in bed with me for a little while after that. When you’re up for the day you are so alert and happy and some days it takes a good couple hours to get you back to sleep.
  • Still won’t take a paci. But I still don’t want to give up on trying!
  • You love baths and even on your very first bath, didn’t even make one small protest. You loved it so much!
  • You have to be double swaddled. You can break out of a single swaddle in record time.
  • You laugh a lot in your sleep. It’s the cutest thing ever but sometimes super creepy.
  • You started getting triple chins and thigh rolls by two weeks. You are a little chunk butt and I LOVE it.
LOL look at those cheeks and chins!

Happy one month, my sweet girl. You are already so silly and sweet and the perfect addition to our family. You really have completed us!

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