Five on Friday

Hey guys! It’s Friday which means Shae has left, which also means I’m traveling down to my moms for the weekend. I hope you all had a great week!

ONE: Update on the first house we put an offer on – we pulled that offer. We got a call late that evening that another offer was put on that house probably meaning we would have to pay over asking price, lose out on closing costs, lose out on everything we put in the contract. While this house was absolutely beautiful, we didn’t love it enough to compete for it. Instead we put in an offer on our second choice house, which was 20k cheaper, newer and immaculately taken care of. It is a lot smaller but a perfect house for our family. And best of all, they accepted our offer! We’ve been super proactive and busy with inspections, sending in a butt load of paperwork, etc. but we should be closing in May, and we seriously could not be more excited. It is such a cute house and is in a gated community. I will share more pictures here soon!

TWO: I am so obsessed with this little cheese ball! She is so stinkin’ cute. She is at her grandmas this week! We drove down for the weekend and came back home Monday. I will be going back today for the weekend so we left her there to spend some quality time with her grandparents! I miss her so much and can’t wait to squeeze her. 🥰

THREE: Shae leaves today for a week and a half. He was supposed to be gone much longer but the movers to get our house hold goods will be here at the end of the month so he has to be here for that. We are going to miss our favorite guy so much!

FOUR: Okay, I couldn’t resist sharing at least ONE picture of our new house! This is our kitchen and it’s my favorite part of the house! Can you see that cute pantry door?! I die. There is also a giant pantry behind it. I love the giant kitchen island. I dream of making dinner and being able to look out and see the girls playing with Shae. We are so excited to call this place home!

FIVE: Since Everlee is at her grandmas and Shae had a busy week, I got to soak in major snuggles and quality time with this chunky monkey! I feel so robbed of having a newborn you guys. She is HUGE. She is seriously wearing some 3 month clothes and has rolls for days already. Also, so grateful to have another easy baby. She really makes having babies seem so easy and almost tempts me to have one more. 😂

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