Five on Friday

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing week. We are still adjusting to life with a toddler (21 months) and 3 week old. The days seem long but the weeks are flying by!

ONE: Baby Oaklee had her first bath over the weekend and she LOVED it. I was expecting screaming like her sister did with her first bath, but she did amazing! She could have been in there for hours if we let her. Also, newborn hack: puppy pads! They are amazing for diaper changes. I always have a few in my diaper bag for on the go and we use them at home too. You never know when they are going to poop or pee and they have saved us so much laundry!

TWO: Shae got his dirt bike running and took me and the younger girls in our family for rides! Everlee was jealous of everyone getting rides with her daddy so I got to snap this cute picture of her on it! It was such a beautiful weekend before we got hit with rain for the next week.

THREE: We had a “Sip & See” at my moms house for baby Oaklee. Our baby shower got canceled due to a snow storm we had here, so we decided on this little get together instead. It was super simple! I got donuts, finger sandwiches, chips & dips, and had a mimosa bar. We mostly got outfits and diapers, which is all we asked for. And everyone got to meet our sweet girl!

FOUR: If you didn’t know, back at Everlee’s 18 month appointment, they told us to come back in April to re-check her height because she was not growing and was on a rapid decline. Shae took her earlier this week and she has grown 3cm since her 18 month appt and they were happy about that! So no further blood work and our once ginormous baby/toddler is now on the small side. It’s great news, though!

FIVE: Some exciting news!! We put an offer in on this gorgeous home this week. We move out of our current house at the end of this month, have a few weeks of visiting family and then we will be off to Alaska! So we will be homeowners very soon. I will keep you updated on if we got the house or not or if we changed directions. Wish us luck!

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