Oaklee Shae | Birth Story

If you didn’t already know, we welcomed baby girl Oaklee Shae Atkins to the world on March 13, 2019 at 6:54pm.

To be honest, this story goes nothing how I envisioned. If you haven’t read my first daughters birth story, I was induced at 41 weeks and 3 days with her. It was pretty standard – show up, get induced, have baby. This time around, I was so hoping I would go into spontaneous labor on my own. I had always heard that your second baby comes way faster than your first and it’s a lot easier on you as well. Dead. Wrong.

I had my 40 week appointment early in the morning on Monday, March 11th. I was expecting to still be 1cm dilated like I was the previous weeks when I was checked. To my surprise, I was dilated to a 3 and they also did a really good membrane sweep on me. We scheduled my induction for the following Tuesday but we were hopeful I wouldn’t make it to that appointment.

For the rest of the day, I was having mild contractions. I remember trying to take a nap later that afternoon and couldn’t sleep through them. They died off that evening so I wasn’t too hopeful. The next morning, Tuesday March 12th, I woke up at 4:30am to much more painful contractions. And they were coming fast. Shae had left to the gym already so I texted him to let him know. I showered and got ready for the day thinking we would be going to the hospital later that day. The contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes for hours, but I was deadset on laboring at home for as long as possible. Once lunchtime came around, Shae went and got us Qdoba as one last big meal before we went in and I suggested we (me, Shae, Everlee & my mom) all go on a long walk before we go in. We went down to a lake by our house, walked hills, did stairs, played at the park with Everlee. When we got home, my contractions died down significantly. They were about every 7-8 minutes apart and stayed that way for basically the remainder of the day. I was so discouraged and confused. I called labor and delivery to see what they might say and she said that once they were 3-5min apart and unbearable to come in. I was up until about 10pm with contractions and finally decided to lay down and get a nap in thinking I’d wake in the night to my water breaking or a bigger sign.

On Wednesday March 13th, I woke up at 1:30am to those really painful contractions again. At this point, I was having consistent contractions for just shy of 24 hours and running on only a few hours of sleep in 48 hours. I was so exhausted. I got up, showered, went and bounced on my yoga ball. I laid back down around 4am when I realized I might be going to the hospital today and wanted to rest as much as I could. Contractions would slow down when I laid down and would come every 6-10minutes so I would rest in between. At 5, I woke up Shae on accident while I having a pretty big contraction and by 5:30 he decided we needed to get up and go to the hospital. I was a little worried because I had been “laboring” for 25 hours at this point and Google terrified me with what a prolonged labor could mean for the baby.

We made it to the hospital and checked into triage at 6:30am. They checked to see if my water broke (it didn’t) and I was dilated to 5cm. The midwife suggested we walk around the hospital for a few hours and come back, so we were preparing to be sent home. After about 10-15 minutes they came back in and said baby’s heart rate was dropping significantly after each contraction so they wanted to monitor us more. There was a shift change so a different midwife came in and suggested being admitted which we took.

We are having a baby today!

We got into room 3, which was amazing because it was the same room I delivered Everlee in! They told me they wanted me to stay in bed and be monitored until 10am to make sure baby stayed okay through contractions. Everything looked good so I was able to get off the monitors and the midwife said she would be in at 11 to check me again to see where we were. When she came back, I was still at 5cm so she broke my water. I knew things were probably going to get intense so Shae and I just got through each contraction as calmly as possible. He was seriously amazing. We were slow dancing, he was rubbing my back, and I was bouncing on the yoga ball. Things were going great.

Until they weren’t…

I went to the bathroom and came out to my nurse being in the room and wanting to do all these different movements to reposition baby. Apparently baby’s heart rate was dropping again and they were saying her cord might be wrapped around somewhere. So for a good hour I was doing some yoga type positioning to get baby to reposition herself, but this also kick started my contractions with a crazy force. They were coming so quick and were so painful. My nurse said I was going through the transition phase and I had to be close. The midwife ended up coming in and I knew something wasn’t quite right. They were really concerned about her heart rate and I was starting to get a little panicky. I started to cry and got really scared. But they weren’t saying anything because they didn’t want to me freak out. I got on all fours on the hospital bed and laid on the yoga ball to get through each contraction and Shae was rubbing my back and being so supportive. I asked for the epidural and not only did it calm me down but baby girl was looking significantly better as well. Right after the epidural, my midwife checked me again and I was 9cm. I went from 5cm to 9 in an hour and felt it! It was crazy.

Push time.

I started to push around 4:20pm. Unfortunately there was a small piece of cervix that just wouldn’t move out of the way, so she wanted to try and push it back while I pushed. Even though I had the epidural, I was still capable of moving. They had me on all fours, squatting, on my back, on my right side, on my left side, doing tug o’ war with the bar… any position you can imagine, I was doing it. And the worst part was, my midwife was only allowing me to push on every other contraction because of baby’s heart rate. I’m not sure if you’ve experienced pushing, but when the baby is so low down there you have the “urge to push” and it was incredibly hard and so painful to just breathe through every other contraction when all my body kept telling me to do was push. Also, baby was sunny side up making it really difficult to push her down as well. I pushed for a little over 2 1/2 long, exhausting hours. My guess is it took much longer to get her out because I could only push on every other contraction. Shae was so amazing and was counting for me, telling me to breathe. In fact, our midwife and nurse both told us how sickly in love we were. Haha! At one point, I was pushing in a squatting position and he was on the hospital bed right behind me rubbing my back and holding on to me. It was so sweet. Love that man so much. Once they got the mirror and I saw her head, it was go-time for me. I saw nothing but the light at the end of the tunnel. They kept telling me to stop pushing and to hold on and I had none of it. I was going to meet my baby any second. I remember saying in my head how badly this burned and hurt but if I could just push a little harder, she would be in my arms. And she was. Miss Oaklee Shae was thrown up on my chest at 6:54pm looking as beautiful as ever. Shae and I were both hysterically crying. We were so in love. She looked just like her sister did.

She was so bruised and swollen from being stuck for so long but was absolutely perfect. She had jet black hair and was 8lbs 4oz and so long at 21.5 inches tall.

Then our families came and it was time for Everlee to meet her baby sister. It was passed her bedtime and she was upset walking into the room. I think she was scared and just unsure what to think of everything going on.

As you can tell, she was not amused. Haha!

We are so in love with you sweet girl. You’re named after your amazing daddy and you’ve completed our family. 💗

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