Five on Friday

I feel like I’m finally in a place where I can start blogging again. I needed a little break adjusting to life with 2 under 2, a newborn, recovering from giving birth, etc. I kind of wanted to do a little recap of everything that has gone on over the last two weeks. So let’s jump in!

ONE: As you may know, I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl Oaklee Shae Atkins on March 13th. You can read her birth story here. I wanted to let you guys know how we (I) picked her name! We were kind of set between Elise (Ellie for short) or Oaklee. We were still keeping our options open. And we were also leaning towards Leanne for a middle name after his mom! Everlee’s middle name Diamond comes from my side of the family, so we decided we would pick something from Shae’s side for this baby girl. Well, Shae was so hoping we would have a boy and I figured that if we didn’t, that it would be so special to have our daughter named after him. I loved how Oaklee Shae sounded and wanted to keep it a surprise for him for after we delivered her. But, he wasn’t having it. He wanted to know right then and there. So I told him and he was sold. He loved it so much!

TWO: I have been feeling A LOT of mom guilt since we brought Oaklee home. I am so used to spending all my time with Everlee so it has been a huge adjustment (mostly for me) not spending all my time and days with my first baby girl. I just never want her to feel like I’m not her best friend anymore (okay, I’m crying again!). She’s my first baby and it’s just been guilt that I never expected to feel. I’m doing okay though, and am so happy with our little family.

THREE: Everlee loves her baby sister and every day gets so excited to see her. She yells “BEEEEEE!” (For baby) every time she sees her and anytime Oaklee cries, she is SO concerned. Everlee has been great at getting me diapers, helping me get wipes, covering baby up with a blanket, and gives her lots of kisses! She also wants to hold baby at the most random times. She will climb on the couch and hold her hands out as if to say “I’m ready!” I can’t wait to see them become the best of friends.

FOUR: Shae sure makes a great girl dad for wanting all boys! Haha! He’s such a proud dad and has pretty much taken over duty for Everlee. We are kind of in “divide and conquer” at the moment. Anyway, there’s nobody else I’d rather embrace this chaos with. Everlee and Oaklee are so lucky to have this guy as their dad and I couldn’t ask for a more amazing husband. We are all so, so lucky.

FIVE: A photodump of life lately. 💗

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