What My Toddler Eats in a Day

Everlee is now 20 months old, and is still eating pretty similarly to how she was eating in our last post. But I figured I would share anyway!

Breakfast: We still eat breakfast around 8am. This will vary depending on when she wakes up for the day, but it is pretty standard that she is up between 7:30-8am. One thing about this girl is that she likes to eat very first thing. I swear as soon as I get her out of her crib she is saying “mmmm good!” because she knows what is coming. It is hilarious but also if I don’t have breakfast ready before she wakes up, it can cause for a meltdown! Today she ate a scrambled egg, raspberries and a kodiak pancake with peanut butter.

Snack #1: Around 9:30/10am she will have her first snack. I try to keep this snack on the “sweeter” side. Granola bar, Cheerios, fruit, etc. But at the same time, I do let her go pick out what she wants. Today she grabbed this Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Bar. She LOVES these. I’ve only ever been able to find chocolate chip, but I’m hoping the brand makes other flavors.

Lunch: We eat lunch between 11:30am and noon. Shae gets to come home and eat lunch with us almost every single day around this time so we like to all eat together. Today I made her an English muffin peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She seems to go through phases on what bread she likes and English muffins are her favorite for the time being. I also gave her a side of pears and pasta!

Snack #2: Everlee wakes up from her nap around 3pm and she will almost immediately go pick out another snack. Normally she likes to eat something more “savory” for this snack: goldfish, peanut butter cheese crackers, veggie straws, etc. Today she wanted these peanut butter puffs I found at Costco! These are really good and only have 3 ingredients in them. Shae really likes them too!

Dinner: Shae gets home from dinner around 5pm, and I almost always have dinner ready exactly then. Tonight I made a chicken bacon ranch casserole, but Everlee refused to eat it as it has meat in it. It is rare I make her a separate meal for herself, but I threw together a box of Annie’s organic Mac and cheese and figured it was close to what we were eating! I typically will add a veggie or beans to her Mac and cheese but didn’t tonight because I was in a hurry. She also had a side of honey Graham’s and some blueberries.

Snack #3: Frozen yogurt. I like to keep these frozen because they are super floppy if you just keep them in the fridge and she will make a giant mess. So she usually sits with Shae and eats these and he steals a few bites. We found these in a giant pack at Costco and they are great for a healthy snack!

We are still on the struggle bus of her eating meat and also veggies. In the last week or so, I’ve been making lots of smoothies with green juice or spinach and she’s been loving that. Honestly anything green in color she will throw on the floor whether it be fruits or veggies. Some tricks I’ve been doing (besides smoothies) are mixing in veggies or protein in her eggs or Mac and cheese. That usually works! As far as milk, she is still drinking Fair Life Whole Milk which has 13g of protein in one 8oz serving, which is amazing. Some days she drinks 3 cups and some days she drinks one. I still give her milk with every meal and she has a water bottle of water out all day for her to have whenever she pleases.

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