What’s in my Hospital Bag for Baby #2

Considering I am 39 weeks, I figured I better round up my hospital bags and finish packing! I will have a few last minute things to grab on the way out, but we are ready to go now. I’m really crossing my fingers that this baby girl will come any day now. My first daughter, Everlee, was 11 days late and honestly it was far from fun. I have cut A LOT out to my hospital bags compared to what they were stuffed with my first baby. This time around, I know I won’t need nearly as much stuff. I am packing three bags: one for me, one for Shae and one for baby.

For Me:

PinkBlush Delivery Robe: This is the same robe I had when Everlee was born, but it’s amazing. It’s so soft and comfortable and makes it so easy to breastfeed. I think every mom deserves one of these!

Nursing Bras: I can’t link the specific ones I will be packing because they were clearanced out at Target a few weeks back so I can’t find them online. They were having major clearance sales on their nursing bras (and regular bras too), but they are lace and by Gilligan O’Malley! I only had “uglier” nursing bras prior so I wanted to buy a few cute ones! In fact, the nursing bra I had on when I delivered Everlee was NOT cute at all. So these were a must. I linked a 5 pack of nursing bras on Amazon that is only $34.99, though, and they have great reviews. I may have to order them for myself.

Maternity Leggings: It is pretty cold here in Washington state and there is still snow on the forecast at this point, so I am packing my thickest pair of maternity leggings. While my belly will no longer have a baby inside it, things will still be swollen and tender, so something comfortable and loose will be a must!

Nursing Tanks: I am one of those people who HAS to wear an under tank under my shirts, no matter what I wear. A lot of nursing tanks have built in bras so if you want to skip the nursing bras, these are a great option!

Comfortable Underwear: Comfy underwear is for sure a must have and make sure to buy them big so the giant pads can fit inside them! I linked these ones because I’ve heard great things about them, but personally I bought a big pack of Hanes boy shorts that are a size too big. That way I can just throw them away if they get ruined!

Socks & Slippers: The socks with the grips on the bottom are really nice for the hospital. I am just bringing some cozy socks since I will be bringing my slippers to walk around in.

Cardigan & Sweater: I figured I would bring a cozy cardigan to wear with a tank for the way home, and bring a sweatshirt in case it’s really cold. Luckily we live super close to our hospital so I’m not too worried about bringing a big bulky jacket.

Extension Cord: Thankfully we have a few extra extension cords lying around, but this is a must have that not many people think about bringing! Most plugins are in the walls, and your hospital bed is not near the wall. So this will be nice to have if you have a long labor and need to pass time on your phone. Shae slept a lot of my labor because it was during the middle of the night, so I spent time on my phone playing games/reading books, etc.

Camera & Charger & Battery: We will of course be bringing our camera. We want to vlog the entire thing and also take pictures, of course!

Phone Charger: This is a no-brainer.

Hygiene & Postpartum:

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Hair brush & dry shampoo & hair ties

Face wash/toner/moisturizer


Body wash

Nursing Pads: I’m only bring 2 pairs. There was no need for them when I was in the hospital after Everlee because my milk hadn’t come in. But, if by chance it comes in super quick this time, I do have a few!

Nipple Butter: For those first few weeks, you can never have too much nipple butter. I used this stuff last time and it worked great, so I will be using it again!

Minimal makeup: I’m thinking I will just bring my primer, concealer, one palette that has bronzer/blush/highlight all in one, some chapstick, and my eyebrow gel. Super simple.

For Shae:

Sweats & basketball shorts



Socks & underwear


Phone charger

Snacks: This is a big one. The poor guy was pretty hungry the entire time we were in the hospital, so I want to make sure he has lots of snacks in case we are there for awhile!

For Baby:

Going Home Outfit: I can’t find the link, but it is a sleeper that says “Little Sister” on it and it is grey and will be super warm and cozy for her on our drive home!

1 long sleeve onesie: My mom bought a pack of onesies from Target that were long sleeve and the one in our hospital bag is just black with a little swan on the front. Simple, but warm and cute.

1 short sleeve onesie: My amazing friend Kaley got this outfit for baby O, and she got a similar one for Everlee when she was a newborn and she wore it home from the hospital. Because it is still so cold here, I probably won’t have her wear this home, but I have it for pictures in the hospital! It is so cute!

Mittens & socks: I didn’t use mittens with Everlee hardly ever. She mostly wore sleepers with the built in cuff/mittens. But I brought a pair just in case!

Burp rag: While we are only supposed to be in the hospital for one night, I remember waking Everlee every 3 hours and having to burp her so it will be used for that and other feedings.

A few bows: For pictures! Most of the ones I am bringing are from Care and Company. My friend Laura makes the cutest baby items. Go check out her shop!

A hat

Pacifier: I am bringing an Avent one just because.

Swaddle: I brought two. One from Targets Cloud Island collection and this one from Little Unicorn!

Name tag: Since we haven’t announced her name, I bought one of these with her name on it. So cute!


Boppy Nursing Pillow: I haven’t fully decided if I am going to bring this. I brought it last time and it was helpful but I was brand new to breastfeeding and it helped with learning positions. After only just finishing breastfeeding a few months ago, I might not need it.

Car seat: This is our infant car seat and we have to have a car seat before we leave the hospital!

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