Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! And Happy March! It is baby month! I’ve been really productive this week, and now that it’s the end of the week, I am completely exhausted. Also, I woke up with a sore throat so that puts a huge damper on things too.

ONE: On Saturday, Shae and I had the ultimate day of dates. We spent the entire day out and about and had the best time! The morning started off with him getting a haircut and me going to Target for a few things. Once he was done, we went to Mod Pizza and grabbed a quick lunch before our appointment to get pedicures. This was Shae’s first ever pedicure and he said it was “life-changing.” Haha! After pedicures, we then headed to Walmart to see what the huge Baby Sale was all about. It was truthfully incredibly disappointing, but we got a few things for the girls. The Upside was playing at 2:30, so we hurried over and caught a movie. We loved this movie! Definitely recommend seeing it! The movie got over around 5pm so it was perfect to go to dinner. One of our favorite places to eat when we lived in North Carolina was Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill, so I found us a Mongolian grill! It was so delicious!

TWO: On Sunday, we picked up this sweet girl! Gosh, we missed her so much. In just three days, she seemed a tiny bit different. So crazy how that works! She had the best time with her grandparents, though. Shae and I both want her to spend as much time with family while we are still here!

THREE: I’m not sure who told her she could grow up, but look at her!!! She looks like a little kid! We took a walk to the park when it was really nice (but cold) out and she was absolutely terrified of everything. Once she finally started warming up to being there, she fell down on the cement and it was game over.

FOUR: Everlee was not feeling well at all earlier this week. She woke up snotty, red eyes, nose, and lips and a fever! So I got her loaded up in the car and we ran to the store for sick day snacks and Tylenol. Later she got a bad rash on her butt and legs and stomach. After some time on Google, we discovered it was a teething rash and she was in fact teething. Typically she doesn’t get like that while teething, so it didn’t cross my mind! The poor baby was miserable all day though! So glad it’s over.

FIVE: I have been on the hunt for smoothie cups l for Everlee and came across these. I HIGHLY recommend! I’ve been trying to get the girls veggies in somehow and smoothies seems to be the most efficient. I really like these a lot so far and the price is amazing.

That wraps up Five on a Friday! Everyone send me baby labor dust so we can get this baby out and meet her!

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