Five on Friday

ONE: I hadn’t uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel in over a month, but finally got one up! I really want to get back into filming again but to be completely honest, sitting at my computer has been so uncomfortable. I’ve strictly been blogging from my phone which has been a challenge, but editing videos takes WAY more time. Anyway, if you’d like to see what we were up to on Valentine’s Day, go check out our video here!

TWO: We found a delicious new snack while shopping at Costco, and had to share! They are on a huge sale right now too. Everlee loves anything that is “puffs” and I grabbed these immediately. These nutter puffs are so good, and only have three ingredients! Shae and I really like them as well. If you spot these, definitely grab a bag and let me know what you think. I have never seen them before so I’m hoping they will continue to be sold at Costco!

THREE: I found this spring cleaning challenge on Pinterest by Heart & Handmade and have been wanting to start it! We are moving out of our current house at the end of April, but this will give us a huge head start to our move out clean. I’m due anytime now, but I figured I could at least start it and add to my “nesting.” When do you guys start Spring Cleaning?

FOUR: My mom has been begging to take Everlee for a few days and I finally caved after a long week of teething and being too tired to function. I needed a little break! Plus, we only have a few more months before we move to Alaska so I really know how important it is for our family to see her. So we met halfway in a small town called Chehalis and I dropped her off with her grandma and two uncles. As soon I got home, I missed her so much. It’s weird being at home and her not being here! This will be mine and Shae’s last weekend to ourselves before baby girl gets here so we are taking full advantage.

FIVE: I was on a huge Meghan Quinn kick, but finally read Written in the Scars by Adriana Locke. Holy cow, I was not prepared for such a tear jerker! I absolutely loved this book and was blown away by the entire story. I kind of went into the book blind, just saw it had great reviews on Goodreads and saw something about bawling like a baby and immediately started it. I wasn’t expecting the couple to be married, which is much different from most of the novels I read. If you’re looking for a romance novel with lots of emotion and steam, go read this book!

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