Valentine’s Day 2019

I woke up bright and early on Valentine’s Day so I could make my two Valentines a special breakfast. Unfortunately, I was up until 2am the night before unable to sleep, so I didn’t get up quite as early as I planned. Shae went to the gym extra early so he could come home and help me, even though I insisted he didn’t need too. I made heart shaped French toast served with blueberries! A huge craving I’ve been having is french toast, and last year I made heart shaped pancakes, so I decided to switch things up.

After Shae went to work, I got dolled up for the day. Curled my hair and did my makeup (which is rare these days). Everlee got dolled up as well in a red dress with the cutest pigtails ever. Around 10:30, we made some Valentine’s Day Funfetti Cupcakes.

Shae came home for lunch around 11:30 and made himeself and Everlee lunch while I took a little break from the busy morning. We all just hung out and relaxed for a little while before I laid Everlee down for her nap and Shae went back to work. I thought for sure I was going to take a nap but ended up finishing the book I was currently reading.

Once Everlee got up from her nap, we frosted the cupcakes. She LOVED this part. You can probably guess why. Hello, frosting!? It ended up being a huge mess but who cares! I love having these memories to look back on and having kids during any holiday makes it so much sweeter.

Instead of going out to dinner, we usually stay in and have a yummy steak dinner instead! I made ribeye steaks with shrimp in garlic and butter, and asparagus. It was so delicious and Shae loved it! I wish I had taken a picture because it actually looked super fancy for just little ol’ me. 😉

After dinner, I gave Everlee a PINK bath for the holiday. Yes, I am that extra. She has crayon drops that change her bath water colors, so of course we had to do pink!

We all snuggled up on the couch and watched Boss Baby after her bath and had strawberry cheesecake for dessert. I wish I could say I made it homemade, but nope, I snagged it out of the refrigerator section and called it good!

Once Everlee was asleep, Shae and I watched A Walk to Remember and soon after, went to bed. Not the most exciting ending to our evening, but this is our 9th Valentine’s Day together and I’m extremely pregnant. It was a perfect day with the two people I love most. So exciting thinking about this time next year – two little girls and living in Alaska!

I hope you all had the best day ever with your loved ones.

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