Five on Friday

Hey guys! Happy Friday! It has been a low key week for the most part for us, but somehow I’m feeling more tired than ever. Here is what we have been up to this week!

ONE: We spent the weekend with LOTS of snow. We were bundled up and hunkered down all weekend. I also did our taxes, Everlee got her first very own hot cocoa (which she guzzled right down) and we watched a lot of movies!

TWO: Everlee is not the biggest fan of snow, so during one of her naps, Shae and I bundled up and went outside and built our own snowman! The snow was so powdery and almost impossible to roll in balls so we improvised and make this funny lookin’ guy! Haha!

THREE: Because the weather was so bad, Shae got Monday & Tuesday off work! My 9 month appt for Monday was also canceled because of the weather. All we could really do is play in the snow. Here is the makeshift sled Shae made for Ev! She wasn’t the biggest fan but she grew to enjoy it eventually. I even hopped in with her and Shae pulled us around. Had to have him get his workout in. 😉

FOUR: Valentine’s Day was sure fun! I am obsessed with this girl in pig tails. If only she would let me do her hair long enough to do them more often. She doesn’t hold still… ever. Here she is first thing in the morning biting the frosting canister trying to open it and get a bite. I will make a post next week about our Valentine’s Day, but I hope you all had a great day!

FIVE: The face of a girl who is indulging in her very own cupcake. Everlee and I baked cupcakes, so it was only fair she got her very own! Now she wants one every minute of the day. So that’s fun!

Hope you all had a love-filled week!

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