Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! If you live in the PNW, did you enjoy the snow this week? We sure did! We thought we completely missed out on snow this winter so it was quite the surprise.

ONE: We have spent A LOT of time coloring this week. We gave Everlee one book she can color in and it’s ginormous! We really need to get crayons but she really loves these colored pencils and she’s getting so good at holding them!

TWO: We woke up Monday morning to lots of snow! So exciting! Everlee is not a fan of her hands getting cold and wants to go inside as soon as that happens so we don’t last too long outside. She better get used to it, because Alaska is going to be a huge wake up call!

THREE: I have baby O’s bassinet and clothes all ready for her! I cannot believe my due date is a month away. We are getting so excited to meet her and see what she looks like!

FOUR: We are supposed to be getting a big snow storm, so we bundled up Thursday morning and got our steps in! Well, Penelope and I did. Everlee and her buildabear Pinky sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was such a beautiful morning and was a way for us to enjoy the snow without Everlee touching it and getting her hands so cold!

FIVE: Shae was supposed to leave this morning but they canceled training due the big snow storm coming in. We are so happy he won’t be leaving us! Supposedly they are shutting down base later today so we went and got snacks for the weekend last night after dinner. I got sunflower seeds, a big bag of sour punch straws, a large strawberry banana Body Armour and some chips! Shae stocked up on beer. Everyone stay safe this weekend!

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