Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a great week. While I’m looking forward to the weekend, we are sad because Shae has staff duty all day Saturday and won’t be home until Sunday. Since the Super Bowl is Sunday, we are just going to have a low-key day but have a bunch of snacks all day. I hope you guys eat all the yummy treats you can!

ONE: Shae’s mom came and visited last weekend. We just had a relaxing time at the house and visited. We ended up taking a nice walk down to the lake and letting Penelope go swimming. It was FREEZING, but she didn’t care. Everlee always enjoys going on walks and throwing rocks in the lake. She is so stinking cute!!

TWO: Terrible quality photo, but on Tuesday my family came and visited. They took us bowling at Uncle Buck’s and had a great time! Everlee and I were both wiped after and napped when we got home. My aunt then made Shae and I dinner and it was sure nice to have a load taken off for the night!

THREE: As you know, our baby girls will be 20 months apart. So a lot of Everlee’s baby clothes have been stored away for a short while. I dig them out and found that they were covered in yellow stains. I had no idea where they came from or why. I did some research and apparently it is common with stored baby clothes, even if they are washed and clean before storing. The protein in breast milk (or formula) breaks down the clothing and causes a yellow stain to form. So I found a few remedies online and tackled the job. Here is what I did: I loaded everything in the washer and put 6 scoops of Oxi Clean in. Yes, SIX. I then ran a soak cycle and let it sit over night (about 11 hours). In the morning I ran a regular wash cycle with Tide detergent. Once that was done, I checked the clothes and they weren’t quite where I wanted them to be. So I decided to soak the clothes in the tub. I put another 6 scoops of Oxi with hot water in the bath tub, stirred the mixture with a wooden spatula and dumped the wet clothes in. I put enough water to soak the clothes. I didn’t measure anything. I let them soak about 8 hours, then put them back in the washer, ran a rinse cycle and then ran a hot wash cycle with another scoop of Oxi Clean. This finally did the trick! I check the clothes after and the stains were gone! It was a pain but so worth it because I had hundreds of dollars of baby clothes I didn’t want to be ruined!

FOUR: To say this week has been challenging is an understatement. I feel like everything that could possibly go wrong, has in fact gone wrong. I am pretty mentally and physically exhausted this week and have been feeling pretty defeated. This is very unlike me, as I am a pretty positive person and always try to see the bright side in everything. I’m actually ready to get this week over with and start fresh.

FIVE: We have decided pretty last minute to throw together a little baby sprinkle for baby O. While we do have almost everything we need for the new baby, we wanted to still take the time to celebrate her. Our original date was February 9th (just shy of 36 weeks), but Shae came home a few days ago letting me know he would be in the field for a week and that wouldn’t work. So we changed it to the following weekend and we are now doing it February 16th (a day before I’m 37 weeks pregnant)!!! I decided to do a little Valentine’s Day theme and I’m really excited and looking forward to it!

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