Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, guys! We are are excited because Shae is home for FOUR days. We love four day weekends over here.

ONE: My family came over this weekend to spend the day with us and we had the best time! Our original plan was to go bowling but we ended up just hanging out at our house visiting, snacking, ordering pizzas and going for a walk around a lake near us. We seriously had so much fun and it was good to go on a long walk outside.

TWO: My dad has been staying with us all week because he is working up this way which is over a 3 hour drive for him. So it’s been nice seeing him every evening! He brought lots of fresh elk burger, steaks and crab so we have been loving all of that for dinners! Yum!

THREE: Life with an 18 month old, all while 8 months pregnant is NO JOKE. I am so unbelievably drained these days and almost feel unlike myself because I have no motivation, desire or energy to do much of anything. I keep waiting for the day I wake up and have my energy back, but it seems to be nowhere in my near future. So entertaining a wild toddler has been fun. HA. If you guys have any activities for toddlers around this age, please send them my way!

FOUR: Mornings are my favorite. I make breakfast for Shae and Everlee every morning and it’s easily Ev’s favorite meal of the day. The girl LOVES eggs. Thank goodness because she hates meat so this is a way we get her protein in. I also made Kodiak Cakes Pancakes and these are jam packed with protein. I highly recommend them if you or your toddler need more protein in your diet!

FIVE: One of my New Years resolutions was to do one load of laundry a day, first thing in the morning and to fold and put it away. I’ve never really been one to get super behind on laundry, but more so I would leave it in the dryer until the next time I did laundry. Horrible habit and it needed to change. I start a load as soon as Shae leaves for work in the morning and Everlee and I fold it after her nap. I’ve noticed that doing this only has me doing laundry 5-6x a week. That may seem like a lot, but usually 2 of those loads are cloth diapers! One other thing I’ve been doing is stuffing Everlee’s cloth diapers right out of the dryer and that has been life changing as well. I recommend everyone doing this! It really takes hardly any time out of your day and I know how easily and fast laundry piles up. One load a day won’t kill you, and it will keep you on top of it!

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