Pregnancy Must Haves | Third Trimester

Since I have been in my third trimester for a few weeks now, I have a real idea on what would be considered a must have and what really isn’t necessary. I’ve stumbled across these types of posts and there is a list of 10-15 things and half of them I find unnecessary.

My first recommendation is a good comfortable pair of shoes. With the extra weight you gain in the third trimester, your feet can hurt pretty quickly. Depending on the season, it will vary. If you just need an every day tennis shoe, I HIGHLY recommend these! They are SO comfortable. I seriously rave about these to everyone and they are super cute. If you’re in need of a good pair of winter boots, I got these c9 boots For Christmas and I adore them! They are super comfortable and really stylish.

Another must have during your last trimester is lotions and oils! I think it’d a necessity for every trimester, but with how big baby is getting at this time, it can’t hurt to take care of your skin! Stretch marks are mostly genetic and can be unavoidable, BUT a little preventive measure can possibly help. Right now, I just mix in a nice portion of bio-oil with whatever lotion I am using. I do this because bio-oil can be really sticky and this kind of helps!

Of course, another staple is prenatal vitamins. I tend to stay away from ones that can be very constipating. My doctor actually prescribes me some, but they are very constipating so I avoid them all together. I’ve switched between these by Rainbow Light and these by Nature Made.

As a little pick-me-up, I wanted to include a maternity/nursing robe. Us mommas can really feel low about how we look around this time, and my last pregnancy I treated myself to a maternity robe from PinkBlush! They have such cute maternity clothes and my favorite thing about the robe is it can be used for delivery, when baby needs to be nursed and also just for comfort. You can check out their beautiful robes here!

If you don’t already have maternity leggings, PLEASE invest in a pair. They are so comfortable and they are nice for post-partum, as well. One of my favorite pairs are these by Isabel Maternity. I’ve loved them for the cold fall and winter months because they are a thicker material. I find them really comfortable! I will warn you that if you’re petite like I am, I have to fold up the bottoms. This hasn’t been an issue because I’ve been wearing boots most of the time because of the weather, but I wouldn’t be able to wear them with tennis shoes or flats!

Besides a good pair of shoes, I also would be lost without a comfy pair of slippers! Again, with the extra weight, your feet can take a beating. So when I am around the house doing chores and walking around, I like to wear slippers. These from Target are super cute!

One last necessity is a pregnancy pillow! I have been using mine since my first trimester, but if you’re really struggling with sleep in this last trimester, definitely look into getting one! They are even comfy to use without being pregnant. I highly recommend getting the ones with both sides rather than just one. The hassle with that seems awful!

If you have any other just have items for us third trimester ladies, send them my way! I also will be pulling out my yoga ball soon, and definitely recommend a good water bottle or cup to keep filled all day with water!

XO, Calista

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