Everlee Diamond | 18 Months Old

Holy moly, I have absolutely NO clue how my baby girl is already 18 months old. I swear she just turned a year old like a week ago.

Everlee’s 18 month appointment hasn’t happened yet, so once it does I will update her stats here, but until then I can talk about this wild and crazy girl. Truthfully, I am dreading her appointment because she hates going to the doctors. She was so scared and screamed the entire time at both her 12 month + 15 month appointments. Please send us positive vibes that she does well this time around and if you have any tips, please send them my way!

Our big girl is wearing size 2T clothes and still fits in a few 24 month items as well. Size 5 shoes. She has 12+ teeth. I can’t tell for sure because she won’t let me look in her mouth other than to brush her teeth and she loves to just suck on her tooth brush, so… we will go with that. We are still cloth diapering but because we were visiting family over Shae’s Christmas leave, we discovered she is now in size 5 diapers.

Everlee Diamond, you are such a little girly girl. You hate having messy hands and want to wipe your face off after every meal. You absolutely LOVE play makeup (and moms real makeup, too). But you also love to run around outside, love when it’s windy out and laugh so hard when it hits your face. You love jumping in puddles, throwing sticks/rocks in the water, digging in rocks and sand (but then you needs us to wipe your hands ASAP).

You are obsessed with certain stuffed animals (Pinkie, Hootie and your giant Chicken) and also, babies. You’re such a good momma and take such good care of them all by feeding them, hugging and kissing them, brushing their teeth, etc. Watching you is so much fun because you do things that I don’t realize you pick up on and it blows my mind. We are still waiting for you to become more independent- you prefer us sitting on the ground playing with you and that is okay, because one day you’re going to prefer doing things by yourself and also your big sister will be there to play with you as well.

Right now, you love your pink bike you got from your first birthday, your mega bloks, big toy dump truck and your play kitchen. Brushing your teeth, sharing bites of ice cream with your daddy, watching Bubble Guppies and helping feed the dogs are some of your favorite things. You are still a very timid little thing. When you’re scared of something you squeal and run and want to be held immediately. It takes you awhile to warm up to people and to things that move or make loud noises. You hate slides, but love the swings.

You are the sweetest baby girl, Everlee. You are also so dang funny. Your laugh and cackle makes everyone laugh, your huge gapped tooth smile melts our hearts and your want to snuggle frequently is something I will never complain about. You think it is so fun to spin, spin and spin some more. You are still sucking your thumb when you go to sleep and will when you’re tired and snuggling. You weaned from nursing the day before Thanksgiving at 16 months and I’ve noticed that you started sucking your thumb a little more after that.

Besides being so sweet, you can be SO sassy, too. It makes me a little nervous to have two sassy little girls! You have some serious spunk and can throw a nice little tantrum when you want too. You thrive on sleep, always have, and we all know when it is time for your nap or bedtime.

Your interest in television has grown in the last month or two. Before, you wanted nothing to do with the TV, but now you are obsessed with Bubble Guppies. Just in the last few days you’ve been interested in other shows and movies as well. You can sign “Please,” “More,” “Thank you,” and “All done.” These four were the ones I really wanted you to learn, and haven’t worked with you on anything else, because food with you has always been 1. eat everything in sight or 2. throw everything to the dogs. Now you can tell me if you want more and when you’re all done. Your vocabulary has taken off. You’ve been saying lots of words for awhile now. I think at your 15 month appointment we counted 8-10. Off the top of my head you can say, “Mama,” “Daddy” + “DaDa,” “Doggie,” “Kitty,” “Meow,” NiNi” (for night night), “Ow” + “Owwie,” “P” (for Penelope), “No,” “Ya,” “Tree,” “Please,” “Bee” or “Baba” (for baby), “MeMe” (for grandma?), “hi,” “bye,” “hat” (for hat and hair), “hot,” “dude,” and “poop”. You’re catching onto things so quickly and I swear you understand everything we tell you or say. Seriously blows me away.

I think we will be starting potty training soon. You have been showing signs for awhile now, but haven’t bought you a potty chair yet. You squat when you pee or poop, and if you’re running around naked and pee, you tell me and clean it up.

You’re so helpful. You help me clean the house every single day and I let you help me cook whenever possible. You love to help clean up your toys and any messes we may have. Love to feed the dogs every morning and evening. One of my favorite things I have you do is before nap or bedtime, is have you run and go pick out a book and then you bring it to me and we read it in your glider. I love watching you pick out a certain one and wanting to read it.

Still 10000% a momma’s girl. You also absolutely love your grandmas, uncle Cha-Cha, grandpa Shayne and auntie Payton. If I ask you if you want a snack, you stop what you’re doing and run to the kitchen to find/dig through your snack container. Right now you love apple sauce pouches, yogurt, veggie straws, plain Chex cereal, cheese puffs, EGGS, rice, beans, fruit (especially oranges and grapes), waffles, potatoes, corn, Annie’s Mac and cheese and plain spaghetti noodles (watching you slurp noodles is the best ever). You are especially hard to feed lunch. You prefer breakfast over anything. HATE almost all meat. It is so hard to hide meat because you somehow know it’s in there. Still drinking a cup of whole milk with every meal, and water throughout the day.

You are still a rockstar sleeper. You go to bed at 7pm and wake anywhere between 7-8am and then you nap from 12-2/3 in the afternoon. I thought we were hitting an 18 month sleep regression but I think you were just having some trouble sleeping because we were at grandma’s house sharing a room and you weren’t in your own room with your crib.

You are such a talker. You are always chatting about something. Laughing just because you can. Watching you dance is easily the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. You love to put on a hat and sunglasses and strut around. Seriously the coolest girl ever. You think it is so fun to dump all your legos out, to jump up and down and you think it is the funniest thing in the world when your daddy gives you high-fives and makes you miss by saying “too slow!” You are rocking the best strawberry blonde mullet, and you have the prettiest blue eyes we’ve ever seen.

I feel like I could write and write and write all about you. There is just so much to tell. You’re the best thing in our life, honey bun. Even on the hard days, you make life so much brighter. I am so, so grateful to be your mommy. I love you so much.

Here is a photo dump:

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