31 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

How far along: 31 weeks! 

Baby is the size of a: A stalk of broccoli.

Weight gain: I will find out next week at my 32 week appointment but I am DREADING stepping on the scale. Between the holidays andbaby girl gaining half a pound each week from here on out… I know I’ve really packed on some weight at this point.

Maternity clothes: Yes! I really wish I had some cuter ones. I want to pick up a few more maternity clothes but at this point I feel like I mine as well suck it up this late in the game.  

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty good still. Last night was honestly the worst night of sleep I’ve probably ever had. I couldn’t get comfortable AT ALL. I was miserable. My hips hurt, my back hurt, she was sitting really high making it hard to breathe. Not a good time.

Gender: GIRL! 

Movement: Lots and lots these last few says. I’ve had a few jabs so the ribs that were painful and a couple weird ones that were uncomfortable.

Best moment this week: Just being home and getting back into the swing of things.

Looking forward to: My 32 week appointment next week! I’m wanting time to fly by at this point. I’m getting so anxious to meet this sweet pea!

Food cravings: Ice, Spearmint gum, ice, Frosted Flakes, ice, gardettos. Oh and ice.

Anything make you sick or queasy: Nope!

Labor signs: No. But am having lots of aches and pains and uncomfortable things happening in the belly to pelvic area. Still having Braxton Hicks all day though.

What I miss: Having energy, being comfortable, and beer.

Symptoms: Constant Braxton hicks, the dreaded legs and feet cramps have surfaced and it is awful. I’ve been drinking lots of water and they will wake me up in the night. I’ve noticed more headaches recently, too. Aches and pains in random places, round ligament pains and exhaustion.

Belly button in or out: In!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Mood: Feeling anxious and happy! But also, irritable because I’m tired and uncomfortable.

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