29 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

How far along: 29 weeks! 

Baby is the size of a: A pineapple. This is my second baby and I still can’t bemieve something as big as a pineapple fits inside me!

Weight gain: I don’t even want to know.

Maternity clothes: Basically all I wear besides my regular hoodies and sweatshirts.

Sleep: I am sleeping so great! I am so fortunate.

Gender: GIRL! 💗💗💗

Movement: She still moves the most at night but she’s been doing dance parties a lot in there. Probably because of all ththe holiday food and treats.

Best moment this week: Shae going on vacation and having him to myself for two weeks!

Looking forward to: CHRISTMAS! I am so excited for Christmas in a couple days. I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve tomorrow!

Food cravings: Nerds candy, sour candy, milk, grapes. Nothing too crazy.

Anything make you sick or queasy: No! Thank goodness!

Labor signs: No. Still having constant Braxton Hicks and I was actually feeling a little crampy at times but nothing significant.

What I miss: Having energy.

Symptoms: So many Braxton hicks contractions this week, I noticed a little bit of swelling after being at my computer for a couple hours without getting up, and a lot of back pain this week. I had to get out my pregnancy pillow again!

Belly button in or out: In!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Mood: Drained but in the holiday spirit. ☺️

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