Meal Plan Monday! | Dec 3 – Dec 16

Meal Plan Monday!

I am back with round 2 of meal plan Monday! If you need even more inspiration on meal ideas, check out my last Meal Plan Monday here!

The Ingredients

Before I plan out my meals and go grocery shopping, I like to first make a list of ingredients I already have on hand that would make a meal. This is a huge tip and will save you money! When I checked the cupboards and refrigerator, I had the following:

  • pork chops
  • small steak rounds
  • hamburger meat
  • chicken legs
  • white & brown rice

From here, I will make a list of meals that have these ingredients in them and fill in the days of the week.

So here is what it is looking like for the next two weeks in our household!
*Disclaimer* Once again, we have plans to be out of town for a few of the days because of it being the holidays. Once the holidays are over, we will not be traveling so much and I will have two full weeks of meals planned. I hope you understand!

December 3 – 9

Monday: Pork Chop Casserole – This is so easy to make and so delicious! I have linked a similar recipe, but I change a few things. I like to add pepper jack cheese on top of each pork chop before I pour over my creamy mixture and also season my pork chops to my liking when searing them. Typically, we will eat this over boiled potatoes or rice and a side vegetable! Also, top with parmesan cheese!

Tuesday: Leftovers! I almost always make a huge batch of this to give us leftovers the next day.

Wednesday: Pepperoni Crescent Rolls – If you’re in search of something quick, cheap, easy and delicious- you need to try these! If I am not in the mood to make dinner and need to throw something together fast, I will throw these together. It is so simple. One package of crescent rolls, a package of pepperoni and four cheese sticks! Shae loves to dip his in sour cream. Personally, I like to eat mine plain with a side of fruit!

Thursday: Spaghetti and Garlic Bread – You seriously can’t go wrong with Italian and spaghetti is super easy to make. I make my own garlic bread with whatever loaf of bread we have on hand at the house. Just turn your oven on broil, butter your bread, sprinkle a little garlic powder, Johnny’s seasoning salt, and parmesan cheese and broil until golden brown. After this, you want to flip them over and broil on the other side to get it nice and toasty!

Friday: We are actually dropping Everlee off at her grandparents house this night because it is mine and Shae’s weekend to celebrate our 5 year (married) anniversary! This will be my first weekend ever without her and as excited as I am to have a little break and alone time, I am super sad, too! Anyway, this means we will probably grab something on the road.

Saturday: Shae and I are going out to dinner this night for our anniversary.

Sunday: T-bone steaks, potatoes and vegetable! We mine as well go all out the entire weekend since we are home alone for the first time!

December 10 – 16

Monday: Tuna Casserole – This was on my last meal plan Monday, but I will not be home all week because I am driving down to my moms house (where Everlee is staying) and staying the week to help out with our annual Christmas Party on Saturday! So I am making this for him to have for a couple of days while I am gone.

Tuesday: Leftovers!

Wednesday: Burritos! I got Shae a few simple things to make while I am gone, this is something easy for him to have!

Thursday: Fried Chicken Legs – Shae likes to make fried chicken every time I’m gone, it seems like. He tells me that he likes to use crushed up ritz crackers for the breading and says everyone should try it. We like to eat our chicken legs with corn and a side of rice pilaf!

Friday: Something on the road – I’m sure he will hit whatever fast food joint he finds first on his way down to join us for the Christmas Party the following night.

Saturday: We are doing a bunch of appetizers, sweet treats, and a hot cocoa party at the Christmas Party.

Sunday: Tuna Melt’s and Tomato Soup – Since we will be just getting home from our trip, I usually make something fairly easy on these days. I just throw in two cans of tuna fish, some mayo, mustard, minced garlic, a little sriracha, Johnny’s seasoning salt and mix it all together. You add the mixture to your buttered bread, with your favorite cheese and you’re all done!

Grocery List

Here is the grocery list for next two weeks!

If you would like to print out this already made grocery list, you can download and print HERE. I also made a blank one for you to print out and use if you would like to add extra items or make your own grocery list. Click here for a cute free grocery list to print out! 

That wraps up round 2 of Meal Plan Monday! If you have any really great suggestions that I should add in to meal plans in the future, please let me know!

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