Thanksgiving 2018

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and I hope you did, too! Wednesday afternoon, when Shae got off work, we packed up our truck and made the trip to Rainier, Oregon. We spent that evening with my family and baked pies, visited and had a great time. 

Thursday morning, we headed out to Thanksgiving breakfast with Shae’s dads side of the family. I love this tradition that they do because it gives us Thursday evening to go visit more family. We feasted on homemade scones, fruit, eggs and a whole bunch of different delicious items. Everlee had so much fun playing with the kids and ate tons of fruit. After breakfast, we headed to Shae’s brothers house to pack a bag for him and our niece and we headed to Damascus, Oregon! 

Once we arrived, it wasn’t quite dinner time but it was so nice to see everyone! Shae’s aunts and uncle and cousins all came down from California and Wyoming. It had been about 6 years since we had seen some of them, so that was really exciting. Once dinner was finished, we all sat and ate all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Everlee’s favorites were the sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and fruit salad. I had never seen her eat so much in my life! My little turkey was not a fan of turkey. No surprise there, it’s been hard getting her to eat meat. 

After dinner, we all relaxed and let our food digest. Once the kids were in bed, we played card games and visited. Shae’s family always plays such fun games and it’s something I always look forward to when we visit. If you have ever played Left, Right, Center or 31, those are just a few of my favorites! I ended the night early and went to bed. Pregnant lady couldn’t hang too late and was absolutely exhausted. 

The next day, Shae, his brother Jake, sister Payton and I all headed out for some early Black Friday shopping. We went to Target, the mall to hit Bath and Body Works, a couple sportsman stores and Best Buy. I will share some of our purchases soon! It was also Aunt Cathy’s 50th birthday so once we got home, we spent the evening with pizza’s, games, and lots of drinking (only water for me).

Saturday, one of Shae’s aunts, her husband and their kids headed back to Wyoming. So that was sad, but we were so grateful to see them for the weekend! We hung out and ate leftovers, I took a short nap, and ended the evening with more games and drinking. We also watched a couple of movies but once again, I couldn’t hang to long and went to bed early.

Sunday morning, after breakfast, we headed back to my moms to pick up our dogs and then we took the two hour drive home. It is always so nice to get home after a long, busy weekend! I ended up going grocery shopping and we had an easy dinner and lazy rest of the day with football and lounging.

It was a perfect weekend spent with some of our favorite people! I love the holidays and it is bittersweet knowing it will be our last holidays home for awhile, so we are really trying to make these count!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and ate lots!

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