Everlee Diamond | 2 years old

    I blinked and two years has gone by. Truthfully, I still stare at Everlee and can’t believe my tiny little babe with no hair has turned into this TODDLER with toddler hair and toddler attitude and toddler vocabulary. It blows my mind. Time really does go too fast.

    Everlee turned two July 3rd and this last year has been huge. So many things have changed, so much growth has happened and miss Everlee Diamond is growing so fast.

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    Oaklee Shae | 2 Months

    I can’t believe baby Oaklee has been apart of our lives for two months (as of the 13th). Wow, time flies three times as fast with two kids now. I can’t believe how much she has changed in just a month!

    Oaklee Shae turned two months yesterday, but had her two month check up a week ago. She weighed 13lbs 8oz (95%), 22.8in (77%) and head circumference was 39.7cm (93%). So by how a week later, she’s about 14lbs and probably 23in! I make big, healthy, chunky babies and I love it! This butterball is just about busting out of 3 month clothes and is onto size 2 diapers.

    Her pediatrician couldn’t believe Shae had gained almost 5lbs in just 5 weeks and was so impressed. Oaklee is a breastfeeding champ! So proud of her and myself. Besides that, everything went really well. She didn’t cry or make a fuss during the little physical aspect. Poor baby was super upset during her vaccines and puked up the live virus. But as soon as it was over and I got her dressed, she went right to sleep and slept a majority of the rest of the day.

    Baby Oaklee has been smiling so much now. She loves when you put your face in front of hers and talk to her. She gets so happy and excited. One of her favorite things to look at is a light above my moms kitchen island. She thinks it’s so cool. Her hands are her favorite toy, she still enjoys tummy time, and has found her voice and makes the cutest coo noises.

    This sweet girl really is the SWEETEST. I thought Everlee was an easy baby… Oaklee is easier (somehow?). She is so laid back and doesn’t make a fuss about anything. No preference in who holds her, takes a bottle when we need her too, can be swaddled and put in her dockatot wide awake and she will go to sleep all on her own 75% of the time. Usually goes down for the night sometime between 7:30-8:30pm, wakes up once between 2-4 and then gets up for the day at 6:30 or 7. She also doesn’t have to be nursed to sleep or comfort nurse all the time like her big sister needed.

    LOVES: being held, being talked too, baths, napping on someone’s chest, nursing, being in a ring sling.

    HATES: being idle in her car seat, being cradled and pacifiers.

    We aren’t really on much of a schedule. We are staying with family until we head to Alaska and it’s a little hard to maintain a schedule when every day differs so much. Thankfully, this sweet girl is very adaptable. She amazes me so much. She wakes up every day around 6:30/7am and from there I try to lay her down after being awake for an hour. If I catch her yawning, go swaddle her and lay her down, half the time she will go right to sleep on her own. It blows my mind because while Everlee was a great sleeper, she almost always had to be nursed to sleep. After we put Everlee to bed for the evening, we work on getting Oaklee down for the night. Sometimes that requires me nursing her into a coma and sometimes it requires dad just laying her down one or two times before she is finally out cold and sleeps for 6-7 hours. After that feeding she gets up about 3 hours later and is usually up for the day from there. She really is so easy.

    Oaklee is still nursing about every 2 hours on the dot. I try not to go before that two hour mark if I can help it because she is known to projectile vomit every.where if she gets too full. She eats super fast and is full within a few minutes of nursing. The bottle has been going great too for the few times she’s had one. It is a huge relief knowing she will take a bottle! I’m not really pumping but if I’m engorged I will use my hakkaa or pump. There isn’t really any desire for me to pump because we will be flying to Alaska at the end of the month and I don’t want a huge supply of milk to worry about transporting.

    I’m in love with the cooing, smiling, talking stage. She locks eyes with you and just smiles so big or makes the sweetest little sounds. She’s mostly soft spoken and kind of dainty but gets super excited and worked up at times and cracks us up. Grandma Tonya calls her “beak” because she’s so curious and always poking her little head up with wide eyes peaking around. You will think she’s dead asleep while holding her and you look down and there she is wide eyed staring at you. Everlee is our little wild child and I think Oaklee is going to be the softer, laid back, curious one.

    Still loves baths. She could sit in the bath for hours and be happy. Still content with tummy time. I’m not exaggerating when I say she never cries. She will holler to let us know she’s awake from her nap or maybe if she’s starting to get tired. But she’s so easily content and happy. It takes no effort at all to fix the problem. I’m not quite sure what Shae and I did to deserve such an easy baby, but we could take a dozen more of you miss Oaklee Shae!

    Photo dump!

    One month difference!

    Five on Friday

    Hey guys! It’s been a few weeks but we are still alive and surviving. It’s been chaotic to put it lightly, so here’s a little update for ya!

    ONE: First and foremost, we are completely moved out of our house at Fort Lewis, WA! All of our stuff is on its way to Alaska. I cannot believe we will be moving there in just a few weeks. The girls did surprisingly well while the movers were there, but so glad it’s over and done with. It made for a long couple days, especially when we had to sit on the floor the last day with nothing in our house. Fun times.

    TWO: Easter was sad not having Shae home, but we celebrated the day a day early on Saturday at my moms. My heart is so full knowing these two sweet girls are all mine. Anyway, hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend.

    THREE: Someone pinch me and tell me this isn’t real life. How is my tiny newborn already looking like a 4 month old!! She’s so dang chunky and round and CUTE. She is so perfect and laid back. I don’t know how we got so lucky with such easy babies.

    FOUR: Shae and I took the girls to Trojan Park before he had to head back to Fort Lewis to finish cleaning base. We stopped and got subway sandwiches, chips, cookies and drinks and had a little picnic on the grass while we watched other people fish. It was such a beautiful day! Everlee wasn’t feeling the greatest but she was happy to get some fresh air.

    FIVE: Since I am officially over 6 weeks postpartum, I am cleared to start working out. While I haven’t actually started working out, I’ve been going on walks with the girls and my mom! Oaklee absolutely loves being in a ring sling and instantly puts her to sleep. Look at this precious face. I die.

    Oaklee Shae | 1 month old

    Not even sure how we are even at this point. ONE MONTH?! Oaklee is doing amazing. She grew out of newborn clothes and newborn diapers by 2 weeks old. I couldn’t believe it! It’s funny how I always imagined myself having tiny little babies and I was blessed with two big girls. Haha!

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    Five on Friday

    Hey guys! It’s Friday which means Shae has left, which also means I’m traveling down to my moms for the weekend. I hope you all had a great week!

    ONE: Update on the first house we put an offer on – we pulled that offer. We got a call late that evening that another offer was put on that house probably meaning we would have to pay over asking price, lose out on closing costs, lose out on everything we put in the contract. While this house was absolutely beautiful, we didn’t love it enough to compete for it. Instead we put in an offer on our second choice house, which was 20k cheaper, newer and immaculately taken care of. It is a lot smaller but a perfect house for our family. And best of all, they accepted our offer! We’ve been super proactive and busy with inspections, sending in a butt load of paperwork, etc. but we should be closing in May, and we seriously could not be more excited. It is such a cute house and is in a gated community. I will share more pictures here soon!

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    Surviving Two Under Two

    We are now four weeks into surviving being a family of four! Shae got three weeks off this time around which was seriously amazing and helpful. Mostly, it really helped with Everlee adjusting to the transition of mom not being at her beck and call all day. This was also a hard transition for me and gave me a lot of mom guilt, but doing much better now! While it has been pretty smooth, there have been some harder days and nights. Some days I can’t put the baby down and Everlee needs me, some days I have both girls crying, some nights I can’t get Oaklee down for anything, some nights I put her in bed with me out of desperation. But I will say, the exhausting moments don’t seem so terrible when we are all snuggled up on the couch. My heart could hurt it is so full!

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    Five on Friday

    Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing week. We are still adjusting to life with a toddler (21 months) and 3 week old. The days seem long but the weeks are flying by!

    ONE: Baby Oaklee had her first bath over the weekend and she LOVED it. I was expecting screaming like her sister did with her first bath, but she did amazing! She could have been in there for hours if we let her. Also, newborn hack: puppy pads! They are amazing for diaper changes. I always have a few in my diaper bag for on the go and we use them at home too. You never know when they are going to poop or pee and they have saved us so much laundry!

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    Fresh 48

    We got our Fresh 48 pictures back a couple days ago and wanted to make a post to share some of our favorites! We decided to go with this type of session rather than newborn pictures this time around because I really wanted some photos of all of us. Also because they are so fresh and real! Oaklee wasn’t even 24 hours old when they were taken and I’m just really happy we decided on them!

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    Five on Friday

    Hi guys!

    ONE: We took our first family (of four) outing on Saturday. It was my grandpa’s 70th birthday party and it was about an hour away. I was a little nervous for the drive, but both girls did amazing! We had an amazing steak dinner and it was great to get out of the house.

    TWO: We got back out Fresh 48 pictures and I am in LOVE. They turned out amazing! I will be making a post of most of our pictures soon! My heart is so full. 💗

    THREE: Oaklee had her two week appointment on Wednesday. It went really well! Our big girl is up to 9lbs 7oz and has put on over a pound from her birth weight (8lbs 4oz). She did amazing and only cried for her newborn screening.

    FOUR: We drove down to my moms yesterday for the weekend. We are finally having a little celebration for Miss Oaklee and are hosting a Sip & See for everyone to come sip mimosas and meet our sweet girl!

    FIVE: We got great news today! Our home loan was pre-approved so our next step is picking out houses to schedule tours of from our realtor! We have three we really like thus far so hopefully we have some great luck with one of them!

    Five on Friday

    I feel like I’m finally in a place where I can start blogging again. I needed a little break adjusting to life with 2 under 2, a newborn, recovering from giving birth, etc. I kind of wanted to do a little recap of everything that has gone on over the last two weeks. So let’s jump in!

    ONE: As you may know, I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl Oaklee Shae Atkins on March 13th. You can read her birth story here. I wanted to let you guys know how we (I) picked her name! We were kind of set between Elise (Ellie for short) or Oaklee. We were still keeping our options open. And we were also leaning towards Leanne for a middle name after his mom! Everlee’s middle name Diamond comes from my side of the family, so we decided we would pick something from Shae’s side for this baby girl. Well, Shae was so hoping we would have a boy and I figured that if we didn’t, that it would be so special to have our daughter named after him. I loved how Oaklee Shae sounded and wanted to keep it a surprise for him for after we delivered her. But, he wasn’t having it. He wanted to know right then and there. So I told him and he was sold. He loved it so much!

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