Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup (Olive Garden Copycat)

    I am back with another soup recipe that we tried out last weekend on our Soup Sunday tradition. Chicken Gnocchi Soup from Olive Garden is one of my favorite soups of all time and since Shae isn’t a big fan of Olive Garden, I figured I would try to make it myself. Now, I didn’t attempt any copycat Olive Garden breadsticks, but I did throw in some biscuits in the oven that ended up being delicious dipped in the soup. This is a must!

    Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup

    Recipe from Scrummy Lane (I changed a few things when I made it)


    1.5 pounds chicken breast

    1 yellow onion (chopped)

    1 bag of sliced carrots

    4 celery sticks (chopped)

    4 cups chicken broth

    1 Tbsp Italian seasoning

    1 can evaporated milk

    2 Tbsp cornstarch mixed in a little water

    16oz gnocchi

    2 Tbsp minced garlic (we like a lot of garlic)

    7oz baby spinach

    salt & pepper

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    27 Week Bumpdate | Baby #2

    How far along: 27 weeks! I think we are in the third trimester?

    Baby is the size of a: A bundle of bananas and over 2 lbs at this point. Holy crap!

    Weight gain: To be determined… Lol. I have an appointment next Monday.

    Maternity clothes: Yes, yes, yes, yes! I was really pregnant at this point last time when it was hot and summer time so I am in desperate need of some warmer maternity clothes.

    Sleep: All I want to do is sleep you guys. So yes, I am sleeping great other than waking up a hundred times to pee!

    Gender: GIRL! 💗💗💗

    Movement: Okay, my crazy baby is back to being super chill again. She is nice and quiet in there. But apparently she can fully hear now so maybe some music will get her bouncing around again.

    Best moment this week: Spending the entire weekend with Shae. It was so great to get a little break and spend some quality time together.

    Looking forward to: SEEING MY BABY TOMORROW. As much as I enjoyed a weekend break, I cannot wait to see my girl tomorrow.

    Food cravings: Mexican food, lots and lots of ice, still craving milk, and sour candy!

    Anything make you sick or queasy: Nope!

    Labor signs: No! Having lots of Braxton hicks this week, though.

    What I miss: Nothing really that I am missing this week. It would have been nice to order a drink out at our anniversary dinner, though!

    Symptoms: Red eyes, itchy feet, tired, can’t breathe when laying down a lot of times.

    Belly button in or out: In!

    Wedding rings on or off: On!

    Mood: Really happy and I am really grateful I haven’t really been super hormonal and moody. I’m sure Shae feels the same way, haha!

    Five on Friday!

    Happy Friday!

    Today is a sad for my momma heart because I am dropping off Everlee at her grandma’s for the entire weekend. This is her first sleepover without me and I’m going to miss her so much! But, this will be one of the only times where we are kid-free for quite awhile so I am trying to look at it that way.

    ONE: Look at my cute little Packer’s fan! She is so damn cute, I seriously can’t handle it sometimes. While we did lose on Sunday, I still wanted to share how absolutely adorable my sweet girl is!

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    Skincare Favorites for Dry Skin

    Skin Care Favorites for Dry Skin

    I wanted to share some of my skin care favorites. This is what I use every single day! I have extremely dry skin that gets flakey and I swear I haven’t had to blot my skin once in my life. It doesn’t matter how much water I drink, how hot it is outside, what products I use, my skin has and always is dry. These are the products that work for my skin and hopefully if there are any other dry skin girls (or guys) out there that need some recommendations, these might help!

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    Meal Plan Monday! | Dec 3 – Dec 16

    Meal Plan Monday!

    I am back with round 2 of meal plan Monday! If you need even more inspiration on meal ideas, check out my last Meal Plan Monday here!

    The Ingredients

    Before I plan out my meals and go grocery shopping, I like to first make a list of ingredients I already have on hand that would make a meal. This is a huge tip and will save you money! When I checked the cupboards and refrigerator, I had the following:

    • pork chops
    • small steak rounds
    • hamburger meat
    • chicken legs
    • white & brown rice

    From here, I will make a list of meals that have these ingredients in them and fill in the days of the week.

    So here is what it is looking like for the next two weeks in our household!
    *Disclaimer* Once again, we have plans to be out of town for a few of the days because of it being the holidays. Once the holidays are over, we will not be traveling so much and I will have two full weeks of meals planned. I hope you understand!

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    Five on Friday!

    Happy Friday!

    I hope you are all recovering well from the holiday weekend!

    ONE: One of our big Black Friday purchases was a new camera! We ended up going with the Canon G7x Mark II and we are super stoked about it! Our main purpose of buying it was to start making vlogs, and I actually made our first one this this week. You can go check it out and subscribe to my channel here!

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    Thanksgiving 2018

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and I hope you did, too! Wednesday afternoon, when Shae got off work, we packed up our truck and made the trip to Rainier, Oregon. We spent that evening with my family and baked pies, visited and had a great time. 

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    Sweet Treats to Make this Holiday Season!

    One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the baking that goes on. As a tradition, my mom has always liked to bake a bunch of her favorite holiday treats and give them out on a cute Christmas platter to friends and family, so this year we compiled a list of a few favorites alongside some new ones! We are getting together soon for a full day of baking to put these together, and I am so excited about it. So be sure to look out for the final product in a future post! Continue reading